The heart wants what it wants

Rene is just a 20 year old girl who likes 5sos,what happens when she meets drummer ashton Irwin,will he end up liking her and will she end up liking him.or will someone else take that place


2. love at first sight...

I go backstage and I see them they were all really nice,but then there was ashton he looked at me so...never mind it's probably in my head anyways.then he asks me to come and talk with him,we walk around and it's nice.he speaks up and says look your really beautiful and this may sound too forward but here's my number so we can keep contact he says smiling,oh ok I say know what since you gave me your number I think it's fair to give you mine I say,oh thanks he says.well do you wanna maybe go somewhere more private,umm yeah I say chuckling, we then go to the dressing room,so how old are you he said,20 I say,me too he says chuckling.what do you like to do,we'll pretty much drum and do a whole bunch of other stuff.

That's nice I said happily,hey can I tell you something,yeah I say.your really beautiful and I know I've said it like a hundred times but your a really nice and unique person which I like he says,he then gets closer but then we get interrupted by luke.oh sorry didn't know you guys were in here he says giggling,just go luke ashton says laughing.well that was unexpected,it was he what do you do for living,I'm a hairstylist.thats nice he says joyfully,yeah it's something that I've liked since I was he says.well I should probley get going I said,do you really have to leave he says pouting,yeah I'm sorry,we'll I'm still staying in Australia for a month so do you wanna go on a date.yeah I said happily, great I'll see you tomorrow then he says.

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