The heart wants what it wants

Rene is just a 20 year old girl who likes 5sos,what happens when she meets drummer ashton Irwin,will he end up liking her and will she end up liking him.or will someone else take that place


3. let's go out

It's the next day and I'm so exited,because I'm going on my date with ash.and I honestly felt so happy because at out of all the other pretty girls he picked me,I felt blessed and I know that sounds cheesy but I really fangirled and was very pervy with it but damn I got lucky I guess you can was then the afternoon and I took a shower and got ready.he then called me and told me if I was ready I said yes and told me he was on his way,I then heard the doorbell I then opened it and say his handsome figure standing there,you ready to go he asked with a smile,yeah I said.

SKIP TO THE CAR RIDE THERE*we arrived at the place he said we were going too.we then went inside and sat down and ordered and ate he then asked me will you me do me the honor of being my girlfriend.yes yes of course.great he then paid and we left feeling good

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