The heart wants what it wants

Rene is just a 20 year old girl who likes 5sos,what happens when she meets drummer ashton Irwin,will he end up liking her and will she end up liking him.or will someone else take that place


1. hi I guess

Well to start of my name is Rene,and I'm basically weird and random also funny.i like bands like my chemical romance,bring me the horizon,etc.but my favorite is 5 seconds of summer,I guess you can say I fangirl over them and have posters of them,but I don't obsess that bad.ok maybe I do,but I don't stalk them.anyways it's great living here Sydney,Australia.i live by myself in and apartment I'm 20 years old,and I know it's kinda weird to fangirl over a band when your 20 I guess but that doesn't matter.I'm just so exited for today,because today is the day 5sos are gonna preform,and obviously I know there from here too that also makes me so fucking happy,but anyways I have to go get ready.after that I decided what I was gonna where,a flannel shirt that's long sleeved,and black skinnies,and topped off with black converse.i then did my makeup and I was ready to go.when I got there I was exited,that and I got front seats.i went to my seat and waited until they came out,when they came out holy shit did I scream I yelled so much that my stomach hurt but it was all worth it.i then spotted ashton ugh he looked so good,he then looked at me and smiled I then smiled back.after wards security told me to come backstage,what would the boys want with me I mean I'm not that special

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