Meghan Trainor( started from the bottom now im here )

this story is about a girl named Meghan Trainor and how she got bullied and ended up famous


2. and it begins


Isaiah pov

im finna show her whose boss



Isaiah: Meghan getcho ass here now bitch

Meghan: *scared* y-y-yes i-i-s-aiah

Isaiah: wat did I tell u to call me *angry*

Meghan: im sorry big daddy jones 

Isaiah: no bitch wrong answer, should have said it first

Isaiah beats her up and he kicks her slaps her punches her and when he's finished he throws things at her like knives and forks and spoons and all of that and when he is done she looks so broken and pale and her eyes are closed so he gets scared and calls and ambulance and they come quick but when they get there they check for a pupse and it very little and she gets to the hospital and they rush her in the room and start doing things to her and trying to get her heart rate up but it didnt work and they thought she was dead but then when they gave up and just left and she saw her mother and father which were dead and they said to her...

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