WHY ME?!?!?!?

That's what I get called 24/7 never ends,only at home is everybody nice to me,but what hurts the much I that my brothers best friend is my crush and biggest bullily


8. New chapter

Lexa POV:that was axaming I said "Lexa Nicole hood would you be my girlfriend and date to the prom""YESYESYESYEEYEYSEY" he came over to me and kissed me "well I have to go shopping""love ya babe""love ya too"and I drove to Matthews house and walked in "LEIX GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE""COMING yup""well Luke just asked me to the prom and I need to get a dress""k let's go"and we drove to the mall"let's go to RUE 21! then ulat and then Payless and then kays"we walked in to the first place and I tryed on a a pink dress and then found a black dress that had diamonds on the top (breast are lol)and she brought a white one like me and we went to Ualt and I got a make-up kit and so did she and then we went to Payless and I found these black pumps that had Damond's on them and she got white ones like means we went to Kay's and I found really pretty things out bought some so did she and then I went home(schools over now ps it is prom day)and went home and got my dress on and shoes on and put powder fountain on and put on eye glue on my crease and put gold gillter on that and then blue next then black and put on pink blush and mascara on and eyeliner and curled my hair and left it down but pinned all of It to one side and got my knuckle press and put my phone in and my pink Mac lipstick on and went down stairs and saw Luke standing there in a suit talking to Calum Calum saw me and his eyes went wide and then I went up to Luke and kissed him ""wow you look hot""thank you and so do you""well lest go"and we walked to the car and drove to school walked in and everybody looked at us

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