WHY ME?!?!?!?

That's what I get called 24/7 never ends,only at home is everybody nice to me,but what hurts the much I that my brothers best friend is my crush and biggest bullily


6. New chapter

Lexa's POV:I woke up a got skinny jeans and a whihte lol tank top and a pair of converse (light blue)and did my hair and makeup and grabbed my phone and saw a text form Luke:I will pick you up me:land I walked outside and saw Luke I ran up to him and said "hey weirdo""hey"and we got in the car and drove to school,"here get on my back""yaa""*laughs*"we walked on school and everybody looked at us then boston(and evil flying monkeys)came and said"Lukey puky why is she on your back""cause I wanted her there""well get here of"Luke looked at me and knocked"you aren't his mom since ever and he can do what he wants""*grunts**wines*"and age walked off

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