WHY ME?!?!?!?

That's what I get called 24/7 never ends,only at home is everybody nice to me,but what hurts the much I that my brothers best friend is my crush and biggest bullily


3. New chapter

Lexa's POV:cal came in the door and I heard Luke's voice"I am going to the Lichtenstein"then cal came up and said "do you want to stay in here""yes but I am going to get a yogurt""k be careful Luke is in there"k"and I walked down there with my phone and walked in got a yogurt and Luke said"who are you"I just ignored him and got a spoon and a water and my phone went of the sreecn said"Hayes""hello""hey watch ya doing"well Cal as the two idots aka;Luke and Ashton,and then Micheal""well do you want to come over""yup I will be there in 10""awesome I have the boys over""k see you soone"and I walked up staris and got my shorts on and a football jeryse crop top on and got my concer and fountain on and put some on my so match and and brushed my hair and got my make up and did it very light and got my gallrodortu saddles on and my ohone and sung galles and walked down stairs and into the basement "cal I am going to Hayess house""ok be here by 8""why""we are all having diviner ""k"and I left and went to Hayes house "sup""LEAX"Hayes yelled "hi""why are you not bubbly like normal""the which and flying monkeys hurt me again""oh are you ok""ya"after about three hours of food and video games I delft and went home

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