WHY ME?!?!?!?

That's what I get called 24/7 never ends,only at home is everybody nice to me,but what hurts the much I that my brothers best friend is my crush and biggest bullily


1. New chapter

Lexa's POV:hi I am Lexa hood my brother is Calum hood(not famous)he is in a band with my two bulliys(Ashton and Luke)I have ombré hair and brown eyes and a nose and lip pricing I like cheering,singing,and dancing.i woke up and got my infinity tank top on that is longer in the back and shorter in the front and got my really short shorts on and my all black converses and brushed my hair and put on blue and green eyeshadow on and Lujid eyeliner(black)and put blush on and got my EOS and put that on and put it in my bag,along with my phone and books and walked down staris"sup cal""hey,ready""I gusse""hey it is not that bad""yes it is cal,it really sucks that your best friend does this stuff to me""sorry""it's ok""k"and with that we walked outside and to the school""hey slut""the schools whore came up to me,aka:Boston Love,Luke's girlfriend,""hey"and then she pushed me to the ground and her evil flying monkeys started to kick me then left i tried getting up then texted cal"can I skip school""why""I will tell you at home ""fine and yes""thanks"and I left and went born and changed into PiNk!sweats and a PiNk!tank top and put my hair in a ponytail,high,

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