The Drummer Next Door

"I know you're lying why did you move to Sydney Australia from America?" He asked
"Because of him..."


1. Flashback

5 years ago

Yelling, screaming, smacking that's all I ever hear and feel now. Nobody can come over because of him, when I disobey he would always grab me by the hair, turn on the stove and burn me. When I did not do something right he would smack me, kick me to the ground, and slam me in to the wall, I would have cuts, bruises, scars, and he would even knock me out. When I got older I had to work while he went to the bar and get drunk I was then one that kept the food on the table. While my mom stayed home to clean. That monster is my dad, but he does not deserve to be called that.


I'm 17 now, still living with him, but not for long, tomorrow we will leave that son of a bitch and move far, far away. The plan is when he goes to the bar tomorrow we pack and head to our flight. If this plan works out, we won't be abused every day anymore, maybe I will have a normal life. Just the thought of that makes me cry, I will have freedom and be a normal teenager. And my mom can actually live and be a mom.

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