The Healers Hands

Mary-Ellis Bonnes didn't always know what she wanted to be. It took one fateful historic day for her to find her true calling. Join Mary-Ellis as she cares for the sick and wounded in St. Mungo's in a time of peace and also of uncertainty as You-Know-Who gains power again. It is time to join a side, but which one. And what of this offer from Dumbledore?


1. The Beggining

Mary-Ellis drew her Hufflepuff scarf closer to her neck as she crossed the bridge towards Hagrid's hut. It was an exceptionally cold November 1st, quite unseasonable for the time of year. Her and her classmates were on the way to visit Hogsmeade, the first such school trip in many many years. Before today it was unsafe to let the students out of the grounds of Hogwarts, after all Hogwarts is the safest place in the country, as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had begun to seize power and there was no way of know if he and his followers, called Deatheaters were waiting to abduct a student. This trip was only made possible by one family, the Potters, nay one person, a boy just over one year old. A boy named Harry Potter. 

           The Three Broomsticks was particularly packed this day, not only by Hogwarts students relishing their new found freedom, but also local alike. Mary-Ellis stood holding a butterbeer when a toast was shouted "to Harry Potter! The boy who lived!" There was a large cheer and much clinking of glasses. It seemed everyone wanted to celebrate this day. The day Harry Potter triumphed over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Naturally she would remember exactly where she was on this momentous day. But this day was to be momentous in more ways than one, This day was the day Mary-Ellis found her talent, her calling.

        It was late when everyone began leaving the pub, darkness had already began to set in. Mary-Ellis was walking back towards Hogwarts after visiting the potions supply shop with two friends one Ravenclaw, short with ginger hair, and another Hufflepuff, tall for her age with freckles on her face thick black glasses in a square shape and a black bob haircut. The girls were to have a potions class on Monday and they needed the supplies. Professor Dumbledore was walking just behind them carrying a large green bottle that looked to be firewhiskey. "Ms. Bonnes, I trust you enjoyed your day." He declared as Mary-Ellis turned around to face him as he took a swig from the bottle. Almost immediately Dumbledore fell to the ground seizuring and foaming at the mouth. Mary-Ellis's friends screamed. Almost immediately Mary-Ellis threw off her robe and slipped it under Dumbledore's head. "Poison" she tought. She felt something hard in her pocket, a bezour! Perfect! She had only recently learned that a bezour could be used as a cure to most poisons. She slipped this past Dumbledore's lips and into his mouth. Dumbledore sat bolt upright, breathing quickly. The foaming and seizuring had stopped. It had worked. Mary-Ellis had saved the headmasters life. It was in that moment that she knew she was destined to become a healer.

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