Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three


 As she slept on, Jenna felt her ears twitch up. She slowly opened her eyes. At first she couldn't see anything, but slowly her eyes began to adjust to the darkness. Even through the cupboard door, she could hear the front door open. Jenna thought back to what her father had told her before he left to find Mother, if you hear anything that could be bad, don't hesitate to use it. Jenna grabbed her bow and picked herself of the floor. She opened the cupboard and climbed out.

She could see it was nightfall and the house was smothered in darkness and Jenna turned the corner to see two dark figures. She placed an arrow and raised her bow. She let go and the smaller figure move out of the way, just in time and turned the light on.

'Jenna!' the light turned on and Jenna could see the two figures who were...'Mother! You're alive!' she dropped her bow and ran over to her mother. The joy Jenna had just to be held by her mother again. 'I would've been dead had that arrow hit me.'

Jenna looked at her. 'Father said to not hesitate to use it if I heard anything bad.' her mother didn't say anything, she just hugged her closer.

'Where's Dalya and Cadmys, Jenna?' asked Father.

'Asleep. I heard the door open and I woke up.'

Father turned to Mother. 'Should I wake them?' he asked her.

'Yeah,' said Mother. 'They need to see me.'

'Jenna, wake them up for me.' said Father. Jenna grudgingly pulled herself out of her mother's embrace and went back over to the cup. 

She opened the door and nudged her sister and brother awake. 'Dalya! Cadmys! Father's back!' both siblings sleepily woke up. 'Father's back, come on!' Dalya and Cadmys slowly and still sleepily started to climb to their feet. Dalya, the ever impatient one said something she knew would get them moving. 'Father's back with Mother.' that had done it. Both Cadmys and Dalya had seemed to forgotten their sleepiness and quickly climbed out of the cupboard, nearly pushing Jenna over.

Once all three of them were out of the cupboard, Jenna watched as her brother ran over to their mother crying 'Mother!' Dalya hung back to wait for their brother to be done.

She's going to be waiting a long time.

Father on the other hand went over to the cupboards and starting searching them. 'Dalya, where is the potion to stop blood pouring out?' he asked. Before Dalya could answer, Jenna said: 'You're not injured are you?' looking at Mother.

Jenna saw her Mother's gaze go from her to Father then back to Jenna. 'I'm...fine, Jenna. Your father hurt himself during his wolf form.'

'It's in the end cupboard. It should be the first one you see. The only red one.' said Dalya, answering Con's question.

'What's wrong with him?' asked Jenna.

Father came back over and gave the potion to Mother. Mother released Cadmys. 'Are you sure we should do it down here?' she asked.

'They need to know what happens when wolves are careless.' said Father.

'Get me a cloth, Dalya.' Mother told Dalya, and Dalya went over to the kitchen to grab the cloth.

Jenna continued to stare at Father as Dalya gave Mother the cloth. 'Ready?' asked Mother. Their father nodded. 

Father changed into his wolf form and Jenna gaspsed at the sight of his tail. Dalya looked away. Baby. All that Jenna could see of Father's tail was a little stump that was pouring with blood still. Father whinced as Mother put the cloth to his stump. After a few minutes, the bleeding stopped and Father turned back into his Half-breed form.

'What happened?' asked Jenna.

'As we were escaping Elflees, the elf-king's guards started to lower the gate. You're mother managed to get out when it was still high up, but by the time I got there, it was near the ground. My body got through but my tail got stuck. Your mother had to bite it off.' explained Con.

'Does it hurt when you're in your Half-breed form?' asked Dalya.

'No. Only when I'm a wolf.' 

There was still a few hours until sunrise so they all slept in Father's room. Jenna was happy that her mother was back but something told her that she wasn't the same as she used to be.

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