Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six


 Tornei shot up, cold and alone. She breathed heavily as she tried to remember where she was. Slowly her eyes started to adjust to the darkness and she remember she was in her room. She pushed the covers back and switched the light on, feeling safer when she could properly see. The second nightmare that night had come again. For six months that's all her dreams consisted of, normally resulting in waking up two to three times a night. Her dreams always moved and shifted. One minute she could be dreaming about being back at Elflees with the elves, then it would be Con dying in the war, then it would be villages being attacked by creatures until they finally reached Berkeville. Tornei always woke up at the same time; when a dragon was about to breath fire.

Six months Con had been gone for. Everyday was a struggle. Everyday she waited for the letter that told her Con had died. The village was quiet nowadays with most of the villagers gone. The only men who stayed behind were the one's too old and too young and of course the one's that Con ordered to stay behind to protect her and the children. 

There was no movement until Tornei felt her baby kick. It did that more often now. Con had missed the first time that had happened. He had been here to feel all three of their children's first kicks but he wasn't here for this one's and that saddened her. 

Tornei walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains. It was still dark out so it must be a few hours until sunrise. She couldn't see anything apart from a little orange flicker. Fire, though Tornei. Orshore's on fire. The fire had started to worry her. Orshore was the village before Berkeville so surely this village much be next. Great. Another thing to worry about. Tornei shut the curtains and made her way back to her bed. She wasn't going to sleep. She knew she wouldn't and if she did, she would only wake up because of another nightmare. Instead, she lay down, the light still on and stared up at the ceiling. Please be okay, Connie. And come home soon.

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