Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven


 Con didn't know how long he had been fighting this war for. All he knew was that many creatures were dead. He had nearly lost Darik on more than one occasion but he had proved himself to be a worthy warrior.

The times they took a break from fighting, others brought him news of the other villages- mostly that most of them were on fire. Con hoped that nothing was going to happen to Berkeville, as he did everytime there was a war but once there was news that Orshore was alight, Con know that his hope would forever just be a hope.

Once the news of Orshore's burning was announced, Con thought about the pig that had got him and Tornei the boat so they could get home. Surely there were casualties? Was the pig one of them? I haven't seen him out in the battlefield yet? Tornei might have had to give him her ring but Con still felt sorry for the Half-breed.

Most of the mountain was also burnt down. Most creatures took refuse in the holes in the mountains so the dragons took advantage of that and tended to breath fire over them. The dragons were the hardest creatures to kill, for a number of reasons. They could fly and breath fire, plus they were massive so that caused some complications. And their tails were strong and long enough to knock down literally anything. Had some Half-breed's not been around to warn him, Con would've been flattened by now.

Each night they got news of more dead warriors. Con didn't know most of them- they came from other villages in Half-breed's Court but there was one death and nearly made him cry.

The Half-breed's where sitting in the fort they had built near the edge of the mountain. Con was sitting alone, minding his own business and thinking about home when the worst announcement came.

'This might be hard for some of you,' began Daryl, the stag. 'We've just had news that Cedlyn Slatefort's body has been found. He was in his fox-form. I'm sorry to everyone who knew him.' Daryl left and the conversations carried on. Those who didn't know Slatefort joked around all the same but those who did know him, this information touched all their hearts, Con knew it touched his. That's when he realised nobody was safe in war. Darik came over to him, bandage around his arm.

'You okay?' he asked, sitting down opposite Con.

'I've been better.' admitted Con.

'Here. I was given this.' Darik handed Con a letter. Con took the letter and noticed his name was written, in scruffy handwriting. Tornei. Con opened the letter and began to read its contents. 


I hope you're still alive when you get this. I realised it had been a long time since I last wrote to you but it's been hard sending the letters over. We're all fine. You've probably heard about Orshore. There's no doubt trying to ignore it now, Berkeville will be next. Apart from that, not much has really changed, the village is just quieter. 

I told the children about another wolf coming, at first they didn't know what I meant but it finally sunk in. They're really excited about getting another little brother or sister. I'm sorry you had to miss the pup's first kicks as well, I wish you had been there. 

I miss you everyday and I hope this war is over soon so you can come home.


Con stared at the letter. I missed his kicks. Con had felt everyone of their children's kicks. It normally happened in the middle of the night where Tornei would wake up, feel the pup kick and then grab his hand- waking him up in the process- and place it on his stomach. Despite being annoyed at first, Con came amazed by it, especially with Dalya. It was prove that their little baby was growing inside of her.

'Tornei?' asked Darik. Con nodded. 'I'm gonna write her a letter back, so she knows I'm still alive.' said Con. 'Tell her about Slatefort. Freia needs to know.' Con added.

Con had to admit that he was happy that Tornei wasn't ignoring the fact that Berkeville was soon to be attacked but he hoped that she got herself and the children out of there before any real danger could happen.

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