Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


21. Chapter Twenty-One


 They had been stuck in the cupboard for five days now and even Dalya was starting to get annoyed. She had no idea what time it was or even if it was day or night. She didn't even know if five days had past. Darik had seemed to stop coming to them all together now. They hadn't been given any food or drink since yesterday morning. To be honest, Dalya felt like a captive herself. The urine bottle had been there for a few days now but it seemed they had gotten used to smell for it didn't seem to bother any of them anymore. Cadmys was asleep on her lap, which is all he seemed to do but Jenna was in the far corner away from Dalya and their brother. She hadn't said anything since her little breakdown. Dalya thought that might have made them closer, but if anything, it seemed to have made them further apart. Either Dalya or Jenna spoke until Jenna said: 'I'm going out.' she picked up her bag of arrows and bow.

'What? You can't!' said Dalya, croaky. She hadn't used her voice in a few hours and now it sounded weird to her.

'I have to, Dalya. I'm gonna go insane if I spend another moment in here. I need to know what's going on.'

Dalya thought for a moment. Jenna was the only one who knew how to use some sort of weapon properly and she was going. 'Do you have anything other than the bow?'

Jenna looked at her. 'Even if I did have another weapon, Dalya, you couldn't know how to use it.'

Realising that was true, Dalya said: 'Then stay, Jenna. If not for me than for Cadmys. What if we were to be attacked and you've gone off with the only weapon?' Dalya watched as Jenna thought.

'You can't blackmail me into staying, Dalya.' she said.

'I'm not. If we were attacked and we were killed, how do you think Mother and Father would react?'

Jenna looked angry then. 'It's been five days, Dalya! Neither Mother nor Father are coming back. Can't you see that? Father's probably dying in some ditch somewhere and Mother...' there were tears in Jenna's eyes then. 'They're not coming back, Dalya, and we can't live in a cupboard all day.' As Jenna turned around, Dalya called: 'So that's it? You're just giving up? You might be right about Mother and Father, they were on their own and wolves can't survive on their own, but we can, Jen. Me, Cadmys, and you but only if we stay together.'

Dalya was crying now. 'I can't do it on my own, Jenna. I need you, too. I'm sick of trying to be strong for Cadmys and you. I'm scared. And I know you are too. I can see it. We have to get through this together. We can't carry on being distant to each other. We're sisters, Jen. We need eachother. And Cadmys needs both of us. He's not as strong as you are and he always looks to me for answers. Just stay, Jen-Jen.' Dalya could see tears falling from Jenna's eyes. She threw her bow and arrow bag onto the floor and collapsed next to Dalya. Dalya put her arm around her sister and as Cadmys slept on the two sisters cried.

They were finally united by the one thing everyone in united by and that was fear.

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