Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


24. Chapter Twenty-Four


 Tornei opened her eyes. She turned her head and saw that Con was still asleep next to her. She turned the other way to noticed Jenna was also asleep next to her, though she couldn't see her other two children anywhere.

Probably went back to their own rooms.

She was happy that Con and Jenna were next to her. Had to woken up to find all of them gone, she would've thought she was still in Elflees. They had been the worst days of her lifes and she was happy non of her children had asked about her time there when they got back. 

The feeling of being back in a bed was the most amazing feeling ever. After sleeping on the floor for nearly a week had Tornei appreciating owning a bed. 

Tornei looked down and saw her hair. She had gotten used to it now and even had to admit she preferred it this length. She had only became aware that her hand had been resting on her stomach- a little habit she developed when she was pregnant with Dalya. Tornei smiled at the thought of another little wolf cub growing inside of her. Her mind wondered to what this one would look like. Dalya looked like her, Jenna looked like Con and Cadmys had both Tornei's and Con's looks. Tornei's mind also wandered to whether this little cub was male or female. Another male would be nice, because they only had Cadmys but she would be content with a girl. Lost in her thoughts of the cub inside her, Tornei jumped when she heard Con's voice.

'What are you thinking about?' he said, rather loudly.

Tornei put a finger to his lips. 'Shh. You'll wake Jenna.' Con sat up so he could see her black-haired daughter. He looked around. 'Where's Dalya and Cadmys?' he asked.

'Probably gone back to their own rooms. There's not a lot of space on the bed.' the bed could bearly fit the three of them on it, never mind five.

'How are you?' Con whispered.

'Better.' Tornei said, simply.

'Really? I saw you hesitate when Jenna asked you last night.' 

'That was last night. This is a new day.'

They were silent for a moment. The only noise Tornei could hear was the sound of people down in the village and Tornei new they would have to get up. She started to move when Con touched her arm. 'Are you ever gonna tell them?' he asked. 

Tornei looked at Jenna. She's too young. But her mind went to what Prince Allyn had said on his visit here, we'll take this little wolf and hurt her in the only ways we can. Jenna was there that day, and she isn't stupid. Still...'I might tell Dalya. Jenna's too young.' She climbed off the bed then and began to get dressed for the day.

The day went on as though the days hadn't happened. Of course, the village people were happy that there Queen had returned but they couldn't let that stop them from what they were doing. The children had their lessons and Jenna carried on trying to escape them. Tornei spent most of the way practising with her bow and arrow, vowing to never be away from it again. Con came to visit her whenever he had time. On one visit, Darik the eagle came flying over to them. He landed and turned into a Half-breed. 'Your Grace,' he said as he landed. 'My Lady,' he added. 'We've just had word. The war is to start up again. Seems the dwarves are getting to get restless. pillaging and burning their way through the Kingdoms.'

'That's why they were in Elflees.' said Tornei.

'I'll meet you upstairs.' said Con. Darik nodded, turned back into an eagle and flew away. Con turned to Tornei. She knew exactly what he was about to say.

'I have to go, Tornei. I can't run away from this.' he said.

'I've only just got you back.' said Tornei, she could feel the tearing forming in her eyes.

'I know.' Con grabbed her and held her to his chest. She felt him kiss the top of her head. She then felt his hand on her stomach. 'I'll try to be back before this one's born.' he said into her hair.

'Hopefully this doesn't last for six years.' Tornei said, breathing in the scent of him.

She felt him let go of her then. 'It will be probably be tomorrow that I leave. I'll come see you before then. And the children.' Tornei watched him walk away. Leaving her standing in the woods with nothing but a bow and arrow. The bow he gave to you.

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