Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five


 As Con made his way upstairs he thought about having to go back to the war. He didn't want to. He'd just got back. He'd just got is wife back, she's not my wife. The thought of having to miss another six years just because these stupid creatures don't like the way things are. Con thought back to what Tornei had said in Elflees, you don't think everything that's happened is a sin because of us, do you? Even though Con had said no originally, he couldn't help but wonder if maybe it was. The Griffins made the war happen because two Half-breed wolves had three- soon to be four- bastards together. It seemed unlikely, but Con couldn't help but think it was true.

He tried to clear his head as he entered his room. Darik was waiting for him and he needed to have a clear head so he could plan what he was going to do.

'I'll take most of the village men with me. I doubt they'll refuse.' said Con, as he entered the room. He knew that decision was final.

'What about me, your grace?' asked Darik.

Con thought for a moment. He didn't know what to what to do with Darik. Tell him to stay here and look after his family or come with him and risk getting killed. Con thought of the dwarves and the other Kingdoms. If the dwarves came here, or any other creature for that matter, he could risk being killed here as well. If Darik did come to war, there was always Tornei. But she's pregnant. In the end, Con made up his mind.

'You can come to war.' said Con.

Darik's eyes lit up. Con knew he had wanted to join in the war for some time. And not because he wanted a death wish or he liked killing people but for the feeling of doing something good for his species. For defending his land from others. Con came to respect Darik for that for he knew most other Half-breeds, Cedlyn Slatefort, just liked to do it for the kill.

There wasn't much to plan. Con sent Darik out to gather all the Half-breed men in the village. Con didn't tend to plan when it came to wars. He knew most plans failed. The Half-breeds had some idea of what to do but most of them were going to do what they did at the start- kill every creature that wasn't them. 

The hardest task Con had to face was telling his children. They had been nine, seven and five when he had to ''go away'', they didn't understand but now they were fifteen, thirteen and eleven, and they knew exactly he was going to war. Jenna had been angry. She asked why he couldn't stay here, King Alfred was staying in Half-breed's Court. Cadmys hadn't said anything though Con knew he was thinking the same. And Dalya looked at him with eyes that knew he had to do go. She had known it all the time since he'd come back, similar to Tornei. His daughter's similarity to her mother scared him at times. She didn't shout, she didn't cry, she didn't ask questions like Jenna did about why it had to be him, Dalya just accepted it, just like Tornei. But Dalya wasn't like Tornei, Tornei didn't want to accept it.

He had found that out the night before he was to leave. When she had cried to him telling him- ordering him to stay. No matter how many times Con said he couldn't, practically crying himself, Tornei wouldn't hear it.

The next morning was even harder. Con looked at his wife, she was my wife even if it isn't official, all he could see was fear and longing for him. Fear for him and also longing, even though he stood right in front of her. He said by to each of his children and promised to return home safe. He took one last look at Tornei and saw that she was crying and Con knew exactly what she was thinking. How can you promise something like that? The wagon came and Con jumped on. There was no going back now. This was it. His heart ached for the second time as the horse moved on and his family got further and further away.

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