Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight


 Six months Father had been gone for, that was the same time Mother had been pregnant for. She told Dalya and her siblings after Father left. Dalya knew exactly what she meant when she said, ''another wolf is coming.'' She could tell Cadmys and Jenna didn't know what she meant, but Dalya understood perfectly. She was going to have another brother or sister. Dalya couldn't remember when Cadmys was born- she was only two and there's not much she remembered about Jenna's birth, apart from Mother's screams. Her screams had scared her. Carla had told her that her mother was about to go into labor.

'Can I watch?' asked Dalya.

'I don't think that's a good idea, Dalya. Come on.' Carla took Dalya's hand, while she held Cadmys in her arm and took them both upstairs.

'How long is it going to take?' asked Dalya, once they had reached her room.

'It will take as long as necessary. It could take longer than a day.' said Carla, putting Cadmys down on Dalya's bed.

'Is Father coming up here?' asked Dalya, climbing onto her bed next to Cadmys.

'No. I think he's going to stay with your mother.' replied Carla. She went to walk out of the room then, until Dalya shouted: 'Wait! Aren't you staying with us?'

'I've got things to do, Dalya.' Carla left the room without saying another word.

Dalya was left then, with only Cadmys to keep her company. She turned to her younger brother. 'Everything's going to be fine, Cadmys. We'll have a little brother or sister soon. I wonder if she'll look like me. I wonder if she'll have hair? I hope she does. She can put on all my dresses and I can use her to see what looks like. I'll get to braid her hair, and we'll be best friends.' Dalya carried on telling Cadmys about her dream sister and all Cadmys can do is nod in agreement.

As Dalya is in the middle of telling Cadmys the hairstyles she's going to learn and use on her sister, she is interrupted by a scream. Dalya felt the her face go white and her little brother began to cry. 

It is scream, after scream, after scream at that. Dalya didn't know what to do, so she grabbed Cadmys and hugged him closer.

For the rest of the night, all Dalya could hear was her mother's screams. Nobody came to check on them at all and Dalya must had fell asleep some point in the night because she remembered being woken up by Carla, and she taking her and Cadmys downstairs where she got to see her little sister. Dalya actually named her sister, after one of her favourite dolls- Jenna.

Thinking of the now-eleven year old Jenna, she was nothing like what Dalya thought she would be, and even though she had hair, Jenna never let Dalya braid it, or put dress's on her. Dalya hoped, if the baby was a girl, that she would be like her. Dalya couldn't cope with another Jenna.

Dalya wondered if she would be allowed to be in the same room as Mother this time. She wouldn't be scared by Mother's screams now and she could help. That night had put Dalya off having babies for a long time until she started to help with Jenna and realised that babies weren't that bad.

Dalya heard shouting and looked out of the window to see Jenna chasing Cadmys. Actually, I wouldn't mind another sister like Jenna. She doubted Jenna would think the same about her.

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