Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


20. Chapter Twenty


 Just feeling Tornei back in his arms again made Con feel as though oxygen had been given to him. He knew they still weren't safe, they were still in Elflees. Con also knew he would have to stay in his half-breed form. The pain he experienced when Tornei had to bite his tail off was unbelievable. He couldn't feel it when he was a half-breed.

Con wondered how his children were. Hopefully they hadn't left that cupboard. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise him if he came home to find either Jenna dead or Dalya. Those two stuck in a cupboard together. Con laughed to himself.

'What's funny?' Tornei murmered against his chest.

'I'm just thinking of Dalya and Jenna.' said Con.

Tornei looked up at him, looking worried. 'They are okay, aren't they?' she asked.

'I think they're fine. I told them to stay inside the cupboard and not come out until we came back. I told Jenna everything, as well. She needed to know and I knew she could handle it the most.' admitted Con.

'She's eleven years old, Con!' Con could tell she was angry and he didn't want her to be. He didn't want their first moments back together to be an argument.

'She'll be fine, Tornei. She's braver than you think.'

'We should go.' said Tornei, standing up. 'No doubt Corym's sending his guards to look for us.'

'I can't be a wolf, Tornei.' Con told her, pain in his eyes.

'I know. I'm sorry.' apologised Tornei.

'Why? You did what you had to do.'

'It took you three days to get here. It's gonna take that long to get back.' said Tornei.

'If only Mya Piper had come along with us. She could've got us home by boat.'

'She wouldn't have. Come on. We really need to get going if it did take three days to get here.'

Tornei started to walk through the forest and Con followed her. 'How long did it take you?' he asked her.

'A day.'

'I should have listened to you. About the elf. If I hadn't-'

'Shh.' hushed Tornei.

'What?' asked Con, confused.

'There's something out there.' said Tornei. She edged closer to a tree. Con came behind her. He could hear what she was hearing. Con moved to the side of the tree so he could see who was talking.

'What are you doing?' asked Tornei.

Con ignored her and instead walk to the front of the tree. And that's when he saw them.

Con quickly went back around the tree to where Tornei was.

'What is it?' she asked.

'Dwarves.' informed Con.

'Dwarves?' asked Tornei. 'What are they doing here?'

'I don't know, but we need to go now.' Con didn't trust dwarves. Not after two decided to stab him. They slowly and quietly made their way through the forest. None of them had any weapons, save their claws, but they weren't good enough on their own if a fight was to happen.

They made their way to Nortsilver when it was way past nightfall. They decided to sleep then cross the boarder to Half-breed's Court tomorrow. To get to Berkeville from Half-breed's Court would take another two days, Con though miserably.

'Floor's much more comfortable when you're a wolf.' said Con, as he lay down. Tornei smiled slightly and Con could tell something was wrong. 'What's up?' he asked.

'Did Mya tell you what happened to me?' she asked, fear and worry in her words. Con went cold. He had been trying to forget what was done to her all day but in the end, he decided he never could.

'Yeah. She did.' he admitted. Tornei casts her eyes downwards in shame. Con put his hand under her chin to lift up her face so she was looking him in the eyes and he was looking in hers. 'I don't blame you for what was done to you, Tornei. If anything, I'd rather kill the bastards that did it.'

'It was mostly Dolan. There was some others, I don't know their names, but it was Dolan who mostly came down. You know, the elf with Prince Allyn.'

Con couldn't decide which was worse, the fact that he knew- by name- who had hurt her or the fact that elves they both didn't know hurt her. 'Nothing can come of the attacks, can it?' he asked. Tornei shook her head. 'Not now.'

'What do you mean?' he asked.

Tornei took a deep breath. She then grabbed his hand and placed his palm on her stomach. 'I'm pregnant.' she said, still looking him in the eye.

Con looked down at his hand and smiled. This is amazing! He thought. 'When?' he asked.

'I think the first night you came home.' she said, smiling herself. He kissed her then, long and hard.

That night they fell asleep with his arms around her and his hand resting on her stomach. Eleven years. Con thought. But then he was suddenly afraid. Eleven years.

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