Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


12. Chapter Twelve


 Con came back from hunting. He turned around to shut the door and when he turned back again he jumped to see Jenna standing there.

'Did you see her?' she said, hurridely.

Con stared at her, trying to get over nearly being scared to death. 'Seen who?' he asked.

'Mother!' exclaimed Jenna, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'Your mother isn't here?' asked Con, he had a feeling why and wished that it wasn't true. Dalya came over to them then.

'I saw the elf you captured talking to someone....' she continued talking but Con didn't need to hear anymore.

No, no, no

'Where's your brother?' asked Con.

'He went over to Mychall's.' said Jenna.

'Dalya, find Darik and tell him to go to the Farlows' and bring Cadmys back and tell him, after he's done that, to come upstairs.'

Dalya picked up her dress and ran to find Darik.

'What can I do?' asked Jenna.

Con looked down at his youngest child. His most bravest of all three. She could probably handle this more than the other two could. Con got down onto his knees so Jenna was the one looking down at him. He grabbed her hands, they were sweating and clammy and Con had a feeling she already knew part of what he was about to tell her.

'Do you know who's taken your mother?'

'Dalya said that Bowen was talking to the elves.' Jenna said in a small voice.

'He was. And that's who's taken her.' Con felt tears in his eyes but he wasn't about to cry, he can't scare his daughter like that. 'Do you remember what the blonde elf said when he was outside?'

Con watched Jenna's eyes. They widened and glistened with tears, but he could tell she was trying to hold hers back as well. Jenna slowly nodded.

Con gripped her hands more. 'I'm not gonna let them hurt her, okay?'

Jenna nodded again. Con carried on. 'Once Dalya and Cadmys come back, I want you to look after them...' Con began. He looked around for her bow, Tornei's bow. He saw it on the table. Con let go of Jenna's hand and reached over to grab it. 'I want you to keep this on you,' Con said, giving her the bow. 'If you hear anything that could be bad, don't hesitate to use it, okay?' Jenna nodded again. 'I'll bring arrows down and I want you to hide in the little cupboard with your sister and brother.' Jenna nodded and ran off to do that.

Con made his way upstairs into his room. He looked on to wall to notice it was still there. 

She didn't take her bow. Con couldn't decide if he was angry, scared or sad about that. He grabbed the bag of arrows and left the room. Outside he saw Darik coming up. 

'I brought your son back, your grace. Your daughter said to come see you.'

'Yeah, just wait here.' Con looked down the stairs to see Howland standing there. 'Howland!' he shouted. Howland looked up. 'Give this to Jenna.' he threw the bag of arrows down for Howland to catch. 'She's in the little cupboard.' Darik added. He then followed Con into his room.

'What is it, your grace?' asked Darik.

'Tornei's been taken by the elves. They came for her before. Dalya said she saw the elf- Bowen- talking to the other elves but she only saw his horse. Prince Allyn took her and what was I doing!' Con realised he was shouting then.

Darik looked to the wall. 'She didn't take her bow?'

'No, she didn't.'

'Tornei's not one for just leaving without some kind of protection. Bowen must have said something to think she would be safe.' said Darik.

'We need to find the bastard elf.'

After wasting time looking for the damned elf, Con finally found him.

'I heard your wife was missing. I wonder why.' said the elf, casually.

Something snapped in Con and he grabbed the elf by his neck and pinned him against the wall. Shock and fear filled the elf's eyes, but Con didn't care. 'Where is she?'

'I- I...d-don't...know...' the elf chocked out.

Con slammed him against the wall again. He saw Darik whince. 'The princess saw you talking to someone. It was your little elf friends, wasn't I? You saw Queen Tornei walk in that direction, what did you say to make her think she was okay.'

'I don't think he's gonna tell you anything if you block off his air, your grace.' said Darik. Con released the elf. He fell onto the floor chocking. 

'Stand up and speak!' said Con, grabbing the elf and making him stand up. He was standing here talking to a stupid elf who would rather play games while anything could be happening to Tornei.

No, stupid animal! Don't think about that now.

'I told her it was riders asking for you.' admitted the elf. 'I swear I had no idea they were gonna take her.'

'What did you say to the elves?' asked Con.

'They were asking if you were here. I said no, that you were out hunting somewhere. I told them...' the elf stopped his story. 'Do you want me to say exactly what I said?' he asked.

'Exactly.' said Con, coldly.

The elf carried on his story. 'I told them that his little wolf bitch was still here and they could speak to her.'

Anger burned through Con but he managed to say put. 'And you didn't think they were gonna take her?' he asked.

The elf looked up at him. 'No. I thought they were gonna do what they said and talk to her.'

Con left the stupid, damned elf and walked out of the room. Darik followed him. They walked to the gate.

'I'm going to Elflees. That's where the elves would have taken her.' said Con.

'If you're running there, that'll take at least a day, your grace. The elves are probably there now. They've got access to everything, even magic.' informed Darik.

'I'll have to run there. I'll go in my wolf form, that should take some time off.' said Con.

'I'll come with you, your grace.'

'No, Darik. It's not safe to fly. Not with the Griffins, anyway. I need you to stay here. Look after my children.'

'And what about you, your grace? Who's gonna look after you?' he asked.

'You're a great eagle, Darik, but a wolf can look after himself.' with that, Con turned himself into a black wolf. Darik told the guards to open the gate. Once they were opened, Con was out.

I'm coming, Tornei.

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