Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two


 Jenna entered Tornei's room around midday.

'Dalya said you wanted to see me,' said Jenna, as she shut Tornei's door. 'What is it I've done this time?' she asked, rolling her eyes.

'Dalya came to me last night. She said something happened between you and Lily McCountey.' said Tornei, sitting down on her bed and beckoning Jenna to sit opposite her. Jenna nervously walked over to the bed. 'What happened, Jenna?' asked Tornei, concerned. This was the best way to deal with the situation.

Tornei noticed there were tears in her daughter's eyes. Jenna never cried, not in front of her, anyway.

This must be bad

'Want to tell me?' asked Tornei.

'I hate them. Both of them. They always laugh at my stitches and they call me a bastard and say you and Father don't love me. They kept on saying, well Lily did, Bluebelle just laughed, and something just flipped intisd me and I just remember pouncing on her, I don't remember turning into a wolf...' Jenna collapsed forward and Tornei reached towards her daughter to pull her into her embrace and stroked her ears, trying to calm her down.


'It's okay. It's okay.' soothed Tornei. After a while, Jenna stopped crying and looked up at Tornei.

'You're not angry, are you?' Jenna asked, in a small voice.

'No, Jenna. I'm not,' said Tornei. 'How long has this been happening for?'

Jenna shrugged. 'Since the first day they came into our embroidery lesson, I think.' admitted Jenna.

Tornei shut her own eyes. My daughter's been getting bullied since she was four. 'You should have told me, Jenna.' said Tornei.

'I know...but I thought if I didn't tell anyone, it would go away but it only made them do it more.'

'And Dalya didn't know?'

Jenna shook her head. 'They did it on the sly. She wanted to know yesterday but I told her it was nothing.'

'Listen, Jenna. Whatever Lily said, it's not true, okay? Both me and your father love you. Dalya and Cadmys, too.'

Jenna nodded. Tornei knew her daughter was mentally slapping herself for crying over something which she knew to be false.

'If you want, I'll talk to Tara McCountey about Lily.' suggested Tornei.

Jenna nodded and Tornei felt herself being hugged again and felt Jenna place her face on her stomach.

'I wish Father was here. Lily left me alone when he was here.' admitted Jenna.

'I wish he was here, too.' Tornei tried not to think about Con that much, everytime she did, her baby seemed to kick and that hurt sometimes.

'He's kicking my face!' laughed Jenna.

Tornei found herself laughing as well. 'Maybe he wants you to get your face off his home.' Tornei suggested.

Tornei felt Jenna put her hand on her stomach as well. She then felt another kick where Jenna's hand was. Jenna must have felt it too.

'There's another kick, you know.' she said.

Tornei looked down at Jenna, at the same time, she felt another kick near the middle of her stomach, then one much lower were Jenna's hand was. Jenna moved her face and put her other hand where her face was. The two kicks happened at the same time, then. Jenna looked up at Tornei. 'Can you have two babies inside you at the same time?' she asked.

'Yes, Jenna. That's what makes babies twins.' realisation struck Tornei as she realised what she said. Jenna must have heard it, too.

'You could be having twins!' exclaimed Jenna. This was the first time Tornei had ever seen her youngest child excited about babies.

Twins. Thought Tornei, placing her hand where Jenna's had just been. Two pieces of Con inside me. Tornei had never had twins before. She didn't know if that should scare her or excite her.


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