Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


33. Chapter Thirty-Three


 Con was lying on the straw bed under the homemade fort. Nine moons he found out he had been here for. Nine moons Tornei's pregnant for. Darik walked over to Con's space.

'We might get to go home tomorrow.' he said, sitting on the end of the bed.

'Apparently our home burnt down.' said Con, sitting up.

'It has to be repaired by now.'

'According to Tornei the men still aren't back yet.' Con had gotten Tornei's letter about the dragon attack three moons ago. In that letter she spoke about her killing the dragon and the Half-breeds going off to steal from the Dwarves. 'The whole thing's a mess,' said Con, shaking his head. 'The Half-breeds all turned on Tornei, you know.'

'Bloody fools. She knows more than all of them put together do. Anyway,' Darik stood up. 'I'm gonna let you rest. We're up early tomorrow.' Darik left Con's space and walked to find his own.


That night, Con's mind displayed some disturbing images. He dreamed of the dragon attack and the dragon burning Berkeville and Tornei killing the dragon- which wasn't that bad. Then the dream changed to the dragon killing all the residents at Berkeville- including Tornei and his children. But the most disturbing dream was the one there all the Half-breeds turned on Tornei, killed her, then cut open her stomach and pulled out his six-moons-developed wolf cub and threw it to the Half-breeds who were in their animal-forms. The dream was enough to wake Con up and he found himself sweating. He looked up at the ceiling and noticed his ankle was numb. Con sat up to find a dark figure with a pair of electric blue eyes staring at him. 

Con managed to free his ankle of the Winter Zombie's grip and kick it in its chest. He climbed out of bed, picked up his sword off the floor and hit the creature with it until the thing shattered into liquid.

Breathing heavily, Con threw his sword onto the floor and climbed back into his uncomfortable straw bed but he didn't fall asleep, not after his dream and almost being attacked. Instead, he thought about Tornei. He has missed her too many times this year and hoped that tomorrow, when he came home, he was in time to see his little new pup be born.

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