Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


37. Chapter Thirty-Seven

NOTE: There is a part in this which is entirely my own opinion, do not be offended by it.




 Stab...Stab, stab, stab!

Jenna had lost count of how many times she had piece of thick, red meat. All she knew was anger. Anger at the stupid piece of meat, anger at Carla for trying to make her stay at the table, anger at her father for reasons unknown, Jenna just knew she was angry at him. But most of all, anger at those two babies who now sat with Lottie. They were lying there- most likely asleep- breathing, while Mother was lying there pratically on her deathbed. Jenna knew her mother was going to die. Father had tried to tell her otherwise, to have hope that she was going to live but Jenna had seen the bloodied linen before the assistant took them away. No one can survive off loosing that much blood.

And now Jenna sat in the forest, taking her anger out on a piece of meat. She hated her sisters, she knew she shouldn't but Jenna could help it. She had been so excited earlier at the thought of getting a new brother or sister, she was going to have two infact and she was going to name one of them but upon entering Mother's room, she looked down at them in their baskets and all she could feel was hatred. They were lying there, smiling up at her and it seemed as if they were mocking her. It was as if the whole thing was a joke while they lay there, breathing and alive while Mother lay lifeless on the bed.

Mother had been so pale that Jenna actually thought she was dead, but Father reached for her hand and held it to her mother's chest. Jenna could feel the slight heartbeat. Still, to Jenna, her mother was dead. She was normally filled with warm, and light, and happiness but staring down at her then, all that seemed to be gone. In its place was cold and darkness, like the descriptions of the The Land We Rule, where the giants lived from the stories Father used to tell her before he left for war the first time. To Jenna, Mother would be dead until her warmth came back.

Dalya still expected her to name one of the babies as Cadmys had done, he'd name the one on the left Sasha. Jenna didn't want to name it. She didn't want anything to do with the murderers. She looked at Dalya and the look in her eyes instantly made Jenna feel guilty. Jenna did have a name for one of them, she'd had it since Mother told them she was pregnant. 'Eyesha.' Jenna said. Dalya mouthed thankful. Unable to be in the room any longer, Jenna left. Sasha and Eyesha. Jenna scoffed in her head. They should be called 'the babies who took their mother.' 

She made her way to the main hall and sat down on the right-hand side of Carla. Carla's the last person I want to see. A plate with a piece of meat was given to her. Jenna didn't want to eat. She felt as though she had no appetite now. A few minutes later Dalya and Cadmys joined them. Nobody said anything and the silence daunted Jenna. It was almost forcing her to think of Mother. She didn't want to think of Mother. She didn't want to think of her life without her. It was almost if life was giving her a glimpse of what could happen right at this moment. Mother gone, Father locked away in his room with his grief and the rest of us, eating dinner in a soundless room. 

Unable to stand the silent any longer, Jenna stood up. Dalya and Cadmys looked up, both still quiet, the room noisless, but then Carla broke that silence with a voice that sounded ten times louder than usual.

'Where do you think you are going?' she asked.

'Somewhere other than here.' Jenna thought her voice sounded strange. Maybe from lack of use.

'You will stay here until your food is eaten!' Carla said, sternly.

How can she do this now? I've practically just lost my mother because two stupid, worthless babies decided to take her away from me.

Jenna grabbed her plate- with the meat still on it- and a knife and ran from the room. She didn't care if Carla came after her. She wasn't going back there, she couldn't! She couldn't be in the house much longer for that's all it felt like without her mother's presence, a house. A house isn't a home without your mother. 

Jenna ran now. 'She's dead! She's dead! She's dead!' she wasn't sure if she said that in her head or allowed.

That's how Jenna had ended up in the forest. Stabbing at the piece of meat like it was going to change anything. Crying like her tears would bring her mother back. 

For the first time in eleven years, Jenna saw what her life was to be like without her mother and she hated it.

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