Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


31. Chapter Thirty-One


 Dalya stared at her sister only she was in her wolf form. Her black hair turned to black fur. Hands turned to paws. Jenna had never turned into her wolf form before, either three children had, Jenna was the first to do it.


Dalya watched her sister turn back into a Half-breed. 'Jenna, you were-' Dalya began.


'A wolf,' finished Jenna. 'A wolf who was about to eat a cat.'


'Oh, Jenna...what's been going on?' asked Dalya. She watched as her sister decided between telling her or not. 'I need to know, Jenna.'


'Nothing. It's fine. It was just a misunderstanding.' Dalya watched as her sister left the room.




The whole wolf incident was on Dalya's mind all day. She was trying to find her mother so she could speak to her about it but everyone- those left anyway- told her she was busy.


Dalya then spent the rest of the day trying to get Jenna to tell the truth.


'It's fine, Dalya! Nothing happened.' said Jenna, practicing her archery.


'What I saw didn't look like nothing, Jenna.' argued Dalya.


'Just leave it, Dalya!' Jenna shouted.


Realising she wasn't going to get anywhere, Dalya left.


It was nightfall by the time Dalya finally got to see her mother. She knocked on the door to her mother's room. 'Come in!' came her mother's voice from the door. Dalya opened it.


'Dalya!' said Mother, obviously startled by her daughters appearance. 'I thought you would have been asleep.'


'I was,' said Dalya. 'I just needed to speak to you about something. Well, Jenna really.' informed Dalya.


'What's she done now?' asked Mother, smiling. 


'She nearly killed Lily McCountey.' said Dalya, bluntly. No reason to beat around the bush. Dalya watched as her mother's smile faded.


What have I done?


'What happened?' asked Mother.


'I don't know,' confessed Dalya. 'Bluebelle, Lily's sister, was screaming for help and I happened to be the one that came and I entered the room and saw Jenna was pinning Lily down only...only she was in her wolf form,' Dalya saw her mother's expression change. 'I tried to get her to tell me what was going on but she wouldn't. Something's been happening, Mother, and I think it's been happening for a long time.'


Dalya watched her mother. She could tell she was trying to process what Dalya had said. After a while, she said: 'Is your sister asleep?'


'I think so,'


Mother thought for a moment and then. 'If you see her tomorrow morning, tell her to come to me.'


'Yes, Mother.' said Dalya. 'I'll leave you now.' Dalya left her mother's room. Happy to finally get a chance to speak to her and get that off her chest.

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