Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


39. Chapter Thirty-Nine


 Jenna could hear the sound of someone approaching. The crunch of the leaves beneath their feet gave it away. She sat leaning against a tree, the meat turned to scraps and the dagger lying near it. Jenna looked up and her heart stopped. Mother? The Half-breed got closer and Jenna felt her heart deflate. Dalya. She wanted to cry. Why did Dalya have to look like Mother? Her sister stopped a few steps in front of her.

'Are you okay?' her sister asked in a tone that sounded like she actually cared.

Jenna didn't say anything, she just kept her head down. She couldn't look up for she knew if she did, she would see Mother. Only she wouldn't see Mother. She'd see Dalya looking like Mother. The same blue eyes that looked as though they would see inside you. The same blue eyes that the two babies had. Mother's eyes. 

Jenna couldn't look at anything blue. She couldn't even look at the sky. Everything blue reminded her of Mother. 

'I know you don't want to, Jenna, but please look at me.' said Dalya.

Jenna didn't. She couldn't force her head to look up. Dalya must of known she couldn't look up for she sat down on the ground.

'Look at me, Jenna.' said Dalya. Jenna could tell she was trying not to get annoyed.

'Go away,' Jenna mummbled. She felt tears in her eyes. Why was she always crying? She never cried this much before.

'I'm not going away, Jenna. I want you to look at me. I know it's hard-'

'No, you don't.' spat Jenna, she lifted her head and saw Dalya's eyes, Mother's eyes, staring back at her. Hurt obvious in them. 'You don't know how hard it is because you don't see Mother when you look at me, you see Father, but when I look at you, I see her. And I see her in those murderers that are probably sitting in your room right now.' she felt her anger come back now, maybe it never left.

'Don't call them that, Jenna!' chided Dalya.

'Why not? It's true isn't it?' shouted Jenna.

She could tell Dalya was trying to think up some way to contradict her. Finally, she said, softly: 'They had no control, Jenna.' 

'You don't think I know that?' Jenna shouted again.

'You just said they were murderers and that you practically hate them and now you're agreeing that they had no control?' asked Dalya, obviously confused.

'Aaargh!' moaned Jenna. She didn't know. Her brain was all fuzzy. She was blinded by anger, hatred, bitterness, shame, mournfulness. Every negative feeling Jenna could name and she was feeling it. She put her head in her hands and she felt her fingers in her hair. Suddenly becoming stressed and annoyed, Jenna began to pull her hair out of the band that held up her ponytail. Clumps of hair fell in her face. She could hear Dalya shouting her name. 'Jenna....Jenna!' Jenna stopped pulling her hair and she felt her sister by her side. Giving up, Jenna collaspsed into her sister crying and whispering, 'I'm sorry...I'm sorry...' all over. Dalya tried to calm her down and brushed her hair out of the way, and Jenna didn't even have the effort to realise that Dalya was doing exactly what Mother used to do when they were upset. Finally, Jenna's tears stopped falling and his whispered into her sister, 'I don't want Mother to die.'

'I don't want her to, either.' Dalya whispered back.

They stayed like that for some time. The sun started to set and the sky was covered in orange, pink, purple and blue. A few rain drops began to fall, like Jenna's tears had done and Jenna had slowly started to realise that tomorrow was to be her birthday, but her mother would still stay lifeless.

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