Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


34. Chapter Thirty-Four


 Jenna's life was a lot more enjoyable now. Her mother had spoken to Tara McCountey and moved Lily and Bluebelle out of her room. Lily didn't say anything to Jenna anymore. She gave her dirty looks now and then but it was nothing Jenna could deal with.

She sat on her windowsill. The men still weren't back and they had been gone for three months already. Maybe they're all dead. She thought. She heard her door open and looked around to see Dalya.

'Guess what? Mother just got a letter off Father. He's coming home today!' said Dalya, smiling.

Jenna's own smile formed across her lips. 'Really?' she asked. He's finally coming home and just in time to see Mother give birth. 

Dalya nodded. 'Mother was worried at first. She thought he wouldn't be here when she went into labor. I still can't believe she's having twins.'

'She doesn't know for certain yet.' said Jenna.

'She can't just be having one, she's too big. Besides, I might have been four but I still remember the size she was when you were still in her.' Jenna saw fear take over her joy when she said those words. She knew her sister didn't like to talk of when Jenna was born because it had scared her. Jenna reached for Dalya's hand.

'It's okay, Dalya. It won't be like the last time.' she said.

Dalya smiled at her, something that rarely happened. 'Why are you being nice to me?' she asked.

'Why are you being nice to me?' They both laughed.

Dalya sat on the windowsill opposite Jenna and looked out of the window, Jenna followed her gaze and saw Lily and Bluebelle sitting on the ground.

'Has Lily left you alone now?' asked Dalya.

Jenna nodded. 

'Good,' was all Dalya said.


Jenna was hungry, that's all she knew and it didn't help that food was on the table. Of course, she wasn't allowed to eat it. Carla had told her to wait until her mother and father were here. Harry the Guard had told them that a boat had been spotted coming this way. Jenna knew that that didn't mean it was Father, the boat could have been anyone. Cadmys and Dalya were set on that it was, no matter how many times Jenna told them otherwise.

Jenna always felt she was wiser than Dalya and Cadmys, dispite being the youngest. Second youngest soon. She could never understand how they could believe the first thing they were told and not think otherwise like Jenna did. When Harry had come in to tell them, Jenna had said that it could be anyone but all Dalya could reply with was: 'It is him! It has to be him!' Jenna gave up in the end and of course, Carla was no help.

'How long is it going to take?' asked Jenna, she was beyond hungry now. She was sure her body was eating her from the inside out.

'Dalya,' Carla addressed Jenna's sister. 'Perhaps you would like to see what is going on.' said the tutor.

'Of course,' Jenna watched as Dalya stood up and left the room.

A few minutes later, Dalya came back. 'They're here.' she said, smiling.

Just as she said it, Father came in with Mother trailing behind him. 'Father!' shouted Jenna, quickly getting out of her seat.

'Jenna.' said Carla, sternly as if to stop her from moving from her seat without leave.

'It's all right, Carla,' said Father. Jenna jumped down from her seat and ran to hug her Father. Cadmys soon joined her.

Jenna forgot her hunger as she hugged her father, just happy for him to be back but even Jenna knew he would soon have to leave.

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