Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


35. Chapter Thirty-Five


 Con is home. Con is actually home. Tornei thought, as she stood outside their home. The reality of it still hadn't sunk in. Once she got his letter saying that he was to be home the next day...all her worries for the letter than Con had died where gone and he was actually coming home to her...alive! 

Tornei watched as he climbed off the boat and walked towards her. She noticed Con had a limp and that there were fewer Half-breeds then when they left. They died, Tornei. Creatures do in war. 

In a few seconds Con was standing in front of her. 'Tornei...' he breathed.

Tornei looked up and smiled. 'Con.' she simply said. She felt his hands on her stomach.

'You're massive,' he blurted out.

Thanks. Tornei thought. She stood onto her tiptoes and whispered in his ear: 'That's because I've got two of them.' she smiled and watched has Con processed what she said and his eyes widened.

'Really?' he asked. Tornei nodded. 'But how...?'

'It was your little black-haired daughter who found out. She noticed that there were two kicks. Too far apart to be made by one little wolf.' she said.

'And where is my black-haired daughter?' asked Con.

'In the main hall, waiting to eat and probably complaining that she has to eat.' Con started to walk towards the house. 'And you do realise you have another daughter, plus a son who is also waiting for you.' Tornei shouted.

'Yeah. I'll go see them too.' Con shouted back. Tornei smiled and followed him inside.

'Father.' she heard Dalya say.

'Dalya, I thought you would be waiting at the table.' said Con.

'Carla sent me to see if you had arrived yet.' said Dalya.

'Well, it appears that I have.' replied Con. Tornei watched as Dalya jumped up to hug him.

'We've missed you so much.' she said.

'I've missed you too.' Con put her down then. 'Perhaps you could show me the way to your brother and sister.' and Dalya did just that.

They entered the main hall. 'They're here.' Tornei heard Dalya say.

'Father!' she heard Jenna shout and saw her climb of her seat.

'Jenna!' the tutor said, sternly.

'It's all right, Carla.' said Con and Tornei watched as Jenna ran over to Con and saw Cadmys join them as well. Dalya stood to the side but still Tornei marvelled at the three of them and instinctively placed her hand on her stomach.

They ate their meal, and Tornei finished before everyone else- as she normally did- and waited for Con in their room. She felt a pain in her stomach- she had been feeling them all day but dismissed them and said nothing to Con. Con finally entered the room and Tornei tried to hide her discomfort as much as she could.

'You killed a dragon at six moons pregnant.' he said, amazed.

Tornei smiled and tried to keep her smile as another pain hit her, now much closer than the last. 'How many Half-breeds can say that.' another pain came and she gripped the bedding. Con must have noticed for he said: 'Are you okay?'

Realising that there was no point in trying to hide her pain anymore, Tornei said: 'I think you may be introduced to our little pups by the end of the night.' said Tornei, bluntly.

The look on Con's face was like he had never heard something along those lines before. 'Sh- should I go get someone-...a doctor.' he stuttered and fell over his words.

'I won't need him for some time yet, but get someone to warn him and bring my children.' another pain shot through her and Con was at her side.

'Tornei,' he said, unsure.

'I'm fine. Just go get the children.' she said.

'Are you sure you're going to be okay while I'm gone?' 

'Positive. I promise they aren't just gonna pop out and be on the floor when you get back.'

Con left her then and she could hear him run down the stairs. He came back moments later and the pains had increased a great deal more. Con opened the door and their three children walked in.

'What's happening?' asked Cadmys, as he climbed onto the bed.

'The babies are coming, stupid.' said Jenna. Tornei couldn't help but laugh. Her laughter was gone then as another pain hit her.

'Is something wrong?' asked her son.

'No, Caddy. There's just always pain when a baby is ready to meet you all.'

'Can we stay?' asked Jenna, sitting next to her brother.

'As much as I would like that, Jen-Jen, I would prefer it if you didn't. I don't want to scare you.'

'Are the babies really coming today?' asked Caddy.

'I hope so.' said Tornei, she didn't want this to be longer than necessary.

'Can I name them?' asked Jenna. 'Dalya got to name me.'

'I want to name the other one!' shouted Cadmys.

Tornei smiled. 'Yes, you can name them. You should go now. Your father will find you when they're born and you can come up here and name them.' she watched as Cadmys and Jenna climbed off her bed and leave. Dalya, however, stayed behind.

'Can I stay, Mother?' she asked.

Tornei looked into her daughter's eyes, ignoring another pain. She could see fear in them, no matter how hard Dalya tried to hide it on the outside. Jenna. 'No, Dalya.' To be honest, Tornei had spent the last two days deciding whether or not Dalya should be in the room. In the end, she thought of what Dalya had told her after she gave birth to Jenna. 'Seeing it is a lot worse than hearing it. Besides, no matter where you are in this house, you'll hear my screams and I need someone to comfort Caddy and Jenna.' Dalya nodded, and left the room leaving just Con and Tornei.

'She isn't four years old, Tornei.' said Con, almost as if she could read Tornei's mind.

'I know. She's eleven years older than that, but it doesn't make it any less terrifying to watch, you should know that.' Con smiled a little. 'Even I'm terrified.' she hated herself for saying the words but keeping it inside didn't make it any less true.

'This isn't going to be like Jenna, Tornei.' she hated thinking of Jenna's birth. Her's had been the hardest out of the three of them. Cadmys had been the fastest. 'How am I supposed to get two out?' she asked, almost jokingly.

'The same way you get one out.' was all Con said. They made eye contact with each other until the moment was interrupted by another pain and she felt the rush of fluids between her legs.

'Con...' she looked him back in the eye then and she knew he didn't need the puddle of the floor to tell him what was happening. He opened the door and screamed: 'Get Doctor Lysan here now!' to anyone who just happened to hear.

'I need to get you in bed now.' he said, closing the room, slightly and helping Tornei onto the bed and then climbing behind her so she could lean against him. Lysan entered the room. 

'First time you've ever been in bed before I came, my lady.' Lysan said.

'First time the water's ever broke when you haven't been here.' said Tornei.

The next couple of hours became a blur. She had Jenna's birth in the back of her mind and it wouldn't go away no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. Tornei also tried to keep quiet. She made her lip bleed by biting down on it too hard. Sometimes, though, she did cry out and soon the cries turned to screams. Tornei tried to think of her children, somewhere in the home hearing her screams and being terrified. She thought back to what four-year-old Dalya had told her. I cried and no one came to check on me. Tornei knew none of her children were four years old but that didn't stop Tornei from knowing they were terrified. 

Tornei then felt the urge to push and she grabbed Con's hand a squeezed it with so much force she would probably damage it in some way but Tornei didn't care, Con's hurts were the least of her problems.

She pushed and pushed when she thought she was going to die from the sheer pain, her body painfully stretched as the head emerged. She then felt the slippery sensation of the rest of the baby slipping out of her. 

'Black ears and tail,' she heard the doctor announce somewhere in the background. Tornei watched, her version all fuzzy as Lysan handed her baby to one of his assistants and she took it away.

Tornei knew the pain was far over and she felt another pain. Soon, she was doing it all over again, only this time, this baby came out much quicker.

'Another one with black ears and tail. You might have identical twins, here.' said Lysan and he handed the baby to the other assistant. 

Tornei noticed either of the babies were crying. 'Are they alright?' she asked, worried.

Nobody said anything and then she heard them cry. 'I want my babies. Get them for me, Con.' Con climbed off the bed and walked over to where the assistant had the first baby. She wrapped him in linen cloth and handed him to Con. The baby stopped crying and Con gaspsed.

'What?' asked Tornei, alarmed. 'What's wrong him with?'

Con walked over to the bed and sat down where Tornei could see her baby. 'Look at his eyes.' he said. And Tornei did. Despite having Con's hair colour, he had her blue eyes. 

Tornei looked over to the doctor who was holding her other baby. 'Can I hold him, please?' she asked.

Lysan nodded and handed Tornei her baby. Before he walked away he said, 'You've been calling them by the wrong sex.' 

Tornei looked up at him. 'Female?' she asked.

Lysan nodded. 'Both of them.' he said. 'Are you going to name them?' he added.

'Cadmys and Jenna are doing that.' said Tornei, not looking up from the baby she held. Tornei noticed she was shaking, and she felt her womb tighten which would make way for the afterbirth. Tornei also felt like she couldn't told her. 'Help me, Con.' she said.

Con held the other baby in one arm and grabbed two spare pillows so Tornei could rest her arms on. It became much easier to hold her baby now. She then became aware of how tired she felt. 'Con, call the children, I want them to see these.' she said. Con didn't move so she opened her eyes and looked up at him. 'Con...?' she asked, nervously. He didn't look at her so instead, Tornei followed his gaze and saw that the once white sheets were now red.

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