Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


38. Chapter Thirty-Eight


 'Please stop, crying,' Dalya pleaded with the baby in her arms. 'Shh, shh. It's all right.'

Eyesha, I think this one is Eyesha, it's hard to tell when they look exactly the same, hadn't stopped crying since the two of them were taken out of Mother's room. Sasha had slept on quietly and for that, Dalya was grateful for. She could never abide both babies crying.

She stared down at the baby in her arms. How Jenna could hate her was beyond her. Obviously, Dalya was sad about her mother but she couldn't understand how Jenna could blame two innocent babies for something they had no control over. Dalya hoped her mother didn't die. In the hall, before Jenna left, had been the worst experience ever. The silence, the daunting fact that this was how life could be from now on, Dalya couldn't stand it. Once Jenna had been born, someone rang the bell, but there was no bell this time.

Jenna. Birthing these two didn't seem as bad as when Mother birthed Jenna, her screams didn't seem as painful or loud. Dalya actually believed it was going well, like when Mother borne her or Cadmys but then for Carla to tell them all the news, Dalya's heart sank. Now I'm happy I didn't stay in the room.

Eyesha carried on crying and Dalya noticed she was rooting at her chest. 'I'm not Mother, Eyesha.' Dalya said to the baby. Dalya wished there was someone there to help her. Why was it that she always got the hard jobs? I might be the oldest and I might look like Mother but I'm not Mother! 

'I was wondering if you might need some help,' came a voice, behind Dalya. She turned around and noticed the elf was standing in the doorway of her room.

'I thought you went back to Elflees.' she said.

'I like it here. You aren't all as cold to me as you once were and it atmosphere is much nicer now that most of the village animals have gone.'

Anger coursed through Dalya then, something she had never felt before.

'We're Half-breeds not animals.' she said, matter-of-factly. 'And you're telling me my mother was taken for no reason?'

Ignoring the question, the elf moved on. 'I heard about your mother. Such a horrible way to die. I wouldn't have thought she could fall to a little loss of blood.'

The anger was still there in Dalya. 'It wasn't a little loss of blood. You weren't there, you didn't see it!' Dalya realised she was shouting now and her shouting woke up Sasha. The second baby, along with Eyesha, began to cry. 'Look what you've made my do!' said Dalya, she put Eyesha on her bed and picked up Sasha, trying to calm her down.

'Do you want me to help?' asked the elf, calmly.


'No,' she contradicted herself out loud. 'I want you to leave. Leave my room, my home, my village and my kingdom.' she then turned her back on the elf.

Sasha began quieting down as did Eyesha, finally. The babies slept a bit and then Lottie entered the room to feed them. Dalya left to find her sister.

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