Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


30. Chapter Thirty


 The men started to move out two days after the dragon attack. Jenna watched them walk out with every last weapon in Berkeville. 

The past two days, Jenna could see it on her mother's face that she didn't want them to leave Berkeville but she, and even Jenna, knew that the Half-breeds wouldn't want her opinion. Why not? She killed a bloody dragon! Jenna wanted to scream. 

She wanted everything to go back to the way they were. If Father was here, they would listen to him. They wouldn't just walk out. If Father was here they wouldn't be attacked. She tried to voice these feelings to Dalya, but she just replied with: 'If Father was here they'd have no need to walk out because we wouldn't be attacked.'

Jenna decided to keep her opinions and feelings to herself after that. Berkeville was still a big mess. The fires had eventually burned out and left some houses black. Others had holes in them. One of them even collaspsed the other day. Some Half-breed's had been living in their house. Jenna had to share with two girls who were worse than Dalya. Dalya had to share too, but she got two little girls who kept to their own space and always cleaned up after themselves. Jenna got a pair of twin cats called Lily and Bluebelle. 

Stupid names. Thought Jenna. She already knew them from when they came down to do embroidery with her and Dalya. They'd giggle at Jenna's stitches and laugh even more when Carla singled her out for it, but they would always do it on the sly so Dalya never noticed. And when they were children and they were all learning how to read and write and do sums, they always sat behind her and reached over to pull her hair. They would call her names like ''bastard'', telling her that nobody loved her and that her parents would celebrate if she jumped off the face of Newearth. Jenna tried not to believe it, but no matter what, the more they said it, the harder it was not the believe it.

So these two there the last people she wanted to share a room with. When Jenna had ran to her mother telling her she didn't want to share a room, all her mother could say was: 'They've just lost their home, Jenna. The least you could do is give them a place to sleep.' and no more was said on the matter. 

For the past two days, Jenna's had to put up with their snide comments about everything from Jenna's room to Jenna herself.

Another thing that annoyed Jenna was that they were only a year older than her but they acted as though they were seven years her senior and that made Jenna want to shoot them with all the arrows she owned.

'Oh, look. Dull Jenna wants to fly with the birds.' One of them said, coming into the room. Most likely Lily. 'I heard you tried to get us out of your room,' Lily continued. She flopped down onto her bed. 'It's a shame Mummy doesn't love you enough to realise you're getting bullied.' Bluebelle laughed. Jenna heard whisperings but she couldn't make out what they were saying.

Just ignore it, just ignore it. Jenna continued to stare out of the window, not actually staring at anything in particular.

'It must be a shame to be a bastard and not be loved by either parents. I'm surprised your mother didn't die from the mere sight of you when you popped out.' both girls laughed now and Jenna felt tears in her eyes. Her tears turned to anger. Anger at her tears. Anger at herself. But most of all, anger at the cats. 

They were saying something now, but Jenna couldn't hear it, she could just feel it messing with her brain. Changing everything she believed into lies and what Lily and Bluebelle were saying was the truth. Jenna tried to block it out, but she couldn't. Tears where streaming down her face. Her anger burned inside her and something snapped. She leapt off the window ledge and pounced onto Lily, pinning her onto the bed with her paws, snapping anf growling in her face. Lily screamed, trying to push her face away from Jenna, but Jenna stuck her face closer, snapping and just missing Lily's nose. Bluebelle was shouting in the distance, Jenna could hear it faintly. She then moved her head from Lily's face and snarled at her neck, leaning down. Bluebelle was shouting louder and Jenna heard someone come in.

'What is it?' the person asked. Without getting an answer, it seemed the person knew what was wrong. 'Jenna!'


Jenna then felt someone pull on her back and Lily got further away from her. She saw Bluebelle run over to her sister and pull her off the bed, then the both of them ran out of the room. Dalya stood in Jenna's way.

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