Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


16. Chapter Sixteen


 They'd been in that little cupboard Griffins know how long and still Father hadn't come back. Darik had came in now and again to give them food and water but he was the only one who visited. There was a bucket that they all urinated in since they weren't allowed to leave the cupboard. Darik came and moved that but it wasn't consistant. Sometimes it was days before he moved it and the stench was sickening.

Cadmys cried for hours after Dalya had told him what happened to Mother. Jenna couldn't stand it so she turned around and said: 'I'm younger than you and even I didn't cry. Get a grip! You're a wolf, not a deer.' 

'Jenna!' cried Dalya, shocked at what Jenna had said. But Jenna didn't care. 

'This is all your fault, Dalya! If you hadn't told Mother that stupid elf was talking to someone, Mother wouldn't have gone out and got wolf-napped and I wouldn't be in this stupid cupboard that smells like piss with a crying cry-baby who thinks he is a deer and is supposed to be a man in three years.' Jenna felt tears in her own eyes. She wanted everything to go back the way is was before Father went to that war, six years ago. She wanted her mother to hold her and tell her that it's going to be okay. She didn't want to be stuck in a cupboard with the worst person she knew and not being told anything.

'I know you're scared, Jenna. I am too. But Father will free Mother and they'll come back and everything will be how it was.' Dalya tried to reassure.

'It won't. Nothing will be like it was. You wouldn't understand, Dalya.' said Jenna, turning away from her.

'Stop being so distant, Jenna. Please. I calmed Cadmys down, I can help you, too. Just let me be your sister, please.' Dalya shuffled over to Jenna and Jenna felt herself be pulled back, but she didn't try to stop her. Instead, Jenna leant back. She could easily imagine it was her mother that was hugging her and not Dalya.

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