Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


17. Chapter Seventeen


 A day had past since the first attack. The elf-king must have sent more people down but it was Dolan who visited the most. Dolan with his curses and fists and filthy cock. 

Aside from Corym sending different elves of his or his sons guard down to rape her, he did have the decency to give her a dress to wear.

The door opened again and Tornei braced herself. She tried to make herself ready so it would hurt less when they entered her but no matter what they did, it still hurt. In the end, she gave up on the idea and inside made herself numb.

She was surprised though when the elf walked in that it wasn't one of the elf-king's guard. In fact, it wasn't even an elf. She was a half-breed just like Tornei.

'What have you certins done to her?' asked Mya Piper. The guard didn't answer her so Mya just told them to go. 'Well. I haven't seen you since before the war.' said Mya.

'And it's pretty clear who you chose to ally with.' Tornei remarked.

'I didn't ally with anyone. Foxes aren't stupid enough to do that.'

'What do you want, Mya?' asked Tornei.

'I was told Conwyn Fyrehart was in the country.' Tornei's eyes lit up. 'Yes. I thought you'd be happy about that.' 

'Who told you?' asked Tornei, anxious. She didn't want Con to be in any kind of danger.

'How? It's not safe for half-breeds to fly. Not with the Griffins.'

'I don't know. The bird said he saw him in Northsilver. A little black wolf that acted too human to just be any normal wolf. I'll find him for you. He must be entering Whiteham by now.' 

'Why are you doing this?' asked Tornei in a small voice.

'Just because I don't like in Half-breed's Court anymore doesn't mean a bit of my loyalty isn't to the half-breeds.' 

'Thank you, Mya.'

Mya laughed. 'This doesn't mean we're friends.' She left the prison then.

Tornei knew Mya Piper wasn't her friend. She was a fox. She's friends with no one. Tornei sat back down on the floor. The bird had seen Con. Con was coming for her. She closed her eyes. This time tomorrow she'd be out of here, heading back home. Without realising it she put her hand on her stomach.

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