Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


19. Chapter Nineteen


 The door opened again and the guard who took Tornei down to the hall the first time came in.

'King Corym wants to see you.' he said.

Tornei stood up. 'Why doesn't that surprise me.' The guard didn't reply.

They reached the hall and the oak doors opened again. Tornei looked around the room. Most of the elves from the first day in the hall was there; there were a few new people. 

'I am here to be humiliated again?' Tornei asked the elf-king, sarcastically.

'I wasn't humilating you. I was showing the elves what animals are worth here.' said the elf-king. Tornei heard someone coughed and she looked up to see Mya Piper standing there. She looked at Tornei and instantly Tornei knew she had gone through with her promise and Con was somewhere in this room.

Tornei looked around the room to see if she could see Con anyway. She couldn't. 

Maybe he isn't here. Tornei thought, her heart felt like it had deflated.

She knew the elf-king was talking but she couldn't hear what he was saying. 

If Mya Piper and Con aren't gonna get me out of here, I'll get myself out.

Tornei looked to her side and notice the guard had a sword.

If I reach across, maybe I could grab it. Tornei knew it was a stupid idea but it was the best one she had.

She reached across the guard but he caught on to what she was doing. He wacked her arm out the way which caused her to fall over. The guard- on the elf-king's orders, Tornei was guessing- unsheathed his sword and pointed it in Tornei's face. Without thinking, Tornei reached up and scratched the guard face, creating three deep claw marks.

'You stupid bitch!' he screamed. He raised his sword- now ignoring the elf-king's orders. Tornei shut her eyes and curled over her stomach, but the blow never came. Instead, she opened her eyes to see a big black thing sprawled over the guard, ripping out his throat.

Once the guard was dead, the big black thing turned to face Tornei.


'Kill them!' screamed the elf-king.

Without thinking, Tornei turned herself into a wolf and ran out of the room as fast as her stomach would allow. She knew her stomach showed more when she was pregnant and in wolf form but at that moment, she didn't care. 

The guards outside tried to stop them but Con ripped and teared his way through them. They got outside and they could see the guards were trying to close the gate. Tornei got through it when it was still pretty high, but most of the guards tried to stop Con. By the time Con had got through them all, the gate was nearly at the bottom. His body got through but his tail got stuck. Tornei, noticing he wasn't behind her, ran back over to him. Tornei knew what she had to do. She went behind him and bit down on his tail. Con howled in pain. Tornei bit down until her teeth cut the tail. Now free, Con ran off. Tornei following behind him.

Tornei reached the forest a few seconds after Con and could see he had changed into his human form. Tornei decided to do the same and went over to him. He was sat with her back leaning on a tree with his eyes closed.

I wonder if he's still in pain? Tornei had never hurt herself during her wolf form so she didn't know. She sat next to him and rest her head on his chest. She felt him put his arm around her and press his head into the top of her head. Tornei knew they still weren't safe. Corym will send the remainder of his guards left to find them. They weren't going to be safe until they were in Berkeville, but for now, it was just the two of them.

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