Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


42. Chapter Forty-Two


 'Look at that, Con.' Tornei stared down at Eyesha who was suckling at her breast. At first she was worried she wouldn't be able to produce any milk after so long but the sound of her baby's first couple of swallows told her it hadn't. 'I think she's actually getting fed.' No reply came from Con but Tornei knew he was smiling. 'I think I might feed Sasha when she wakes up.' Tornei looked towards her other wolf pup, sleeping in the basket. 

She heard Con sigh and turned her attention to him. She could see sympathy on his face. 'I know you want to, Tornei, but Lysan said to only feed one and only to do that twice a day. I'm sure Lottie can feed Sasha and Eyesha if need be.'

'I don't want Lottie to feed them.' Tornei snapped. 'Lottie's isn't their mother, I am.'

Con's only reaction was to move from the chair he was sitting on and move to the space Tornei had left on the bed. He pulled her into his embrace. Tornei leaned into it, pulling the pillows she had under her with her.

'I know you're their mother, Tornei, but I need you to be stronger. I know you're a wolf but at the moment you're a wounded wolf and even wounded wolves need looking after.' said Con. 

Tornei smiled. 'I'm not as wounded a wolf as you think I am.' she said. She looked down at Eyesha, who had now detached herself from Tornei's nipple and had her eyes closed. She passed her baby to Con who placed her gently in the basket by his chair then continued to move the pillows Tornei's arms were resting on. In return, Tornei moved further long the bed so Con could climb on more. Once Con was comfortable, she layed her head on his chest, breathing in the scent of him. 

'I want them to know who their mother is,' said Tornei. She felt Con's chest move beneath her head as he laughed slightly.

'They know who that is. Especially Eyesha. According to Dalya, she constantly cried, now that she's with you, she's barely made a sound.'

That was true. The only time Eyesha made any sort of noise was when she was hungry. Sasha, was different on the other hand, she'd wake up, smile at everyone and when a few minutes after waking then she'd cry. Her twin would cry even before her eyes opened.

'You don't think Sasha and Eyesha will be the complete opposite from each other, like Dalya and Jenna are, do you?' 

She could see that Con thought about that for a moment. Tornei also saw him look from Eyesha to Sasha. 'No. They'll be too close for that. Maybe Sasha might be like you, and Eyesha might be a little more wilder, or it could be the other way around but however their personalities are, they won't be as different as Dalya and Jenna are.'

Tornei let Con's answer sink in. At times, she was troubled by Dalya and Jenna's differences and they were the complete opposite of each other. She couldn't understand where Dalya got her princess-eylike personality from. It certainly wasn't from her, when Tornei was Jenna's age she used to sneak out of the castle when she lived in the Pointers and ice skate when the snow had froze. Even when she was Dalya's age and the snow froze she would sneak away from Con just to ice skate. Tornei didn't like to think on the days where she used to sneak out. She got taught and on the same day, the last sentence she ever spoke to her parents was 'I hate you!' just for sending Dog with her to keep her from coming out of her room. Tornei didn't see her parents until later the next day when she was brought to them by Joyden and they were lying there dead. Con's intake of breath caused Tornei to be brought back into the present day. She noticed Con was moving from her.

'I think you should sleep for a bit,' he said, moving off the bed. 'I'll bring the children to you after they've finished their lessons and I'll send Lottie in to feed the twins. I need to see what seems to be left of the Half-breeds.'

Tornei nodded and Con climbed from the bed. 'Thank you,' Tornei said. Con moved the pillows behind her so she could lie down. Then from the bed, Tornei watched him walk towards the door. With one last look at her, he turned around and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Tornei rolled over and shut her eyes, now unafraid to sleep since she knew she'd wake up. Her mind wandered to what Con had said that night. Go to sleep. I will be here when you wake up. He had been there when she woke up and he always would be.

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