Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


43. Chapter Forty-Three


 As Con made his way from his room, he thought about Tornei. She's alive! She was actually alive. Breathing and talking right in front of him. It had been a week since she had woken up and each day got stronger and stronger. The moment she woke up, Con couldn't believe it. After three days of sleeping, Con actually believed she would die, as horrible he felt to admit it but by day two, he'd started to lose hope. He prayed to the Griffins but nothing seemed to happen and Tornei carried on sleeping. He and Dalya had been talking about Jenna and how hard Tornei sleeping was on her- it was hard on all of them, but his second daughter seemed the most effected- then, Tornei made and noise and slowly woken up. On Jenna's birthday.

Con made his way to the Hall to have something to eat. He'd been with Tornei since she gave birth to the twins and it seemed he hadn't eaten much. To be honest, he didn't want to eat. Tornei wasn't eating and he didn't think it fair for him to be sitting in their room, gaining strength through food while she lay there. Maybe he hoped to die as well, he couldn't imagine not being without Tornei. Maybe he hoped to strave himself. Slowly dying just like she was. He'd have to admit, he had thought about it but then his children came into his mind and he realised he couldn't leave them. They couldn't cope with the near loss of one parent, how would they cope with two? 

The maid brought the food and that's when Gerbyn the messenger came in.

'You're grace!' shouted the white rabbit, walking over to Con's seat with a note in his hand.

'Gerbyn!' exclaimed Con. 'What news to do bring?'

'The Half-breeds on our their way back from Esteracre.' informed Gerbyn.

'Esteracre? That's where the Dwarves live. What were the Half-breeds doing there?' asked Con, confused. He had wondered upon arriving back from the war where most of the teenagers and elderly had gone but with Tornei giving birth and her loosing blood, the missing Half-breeds slowly left his mind.

'As you can see, the dragon attack left most of the houses unrepirable. Needing money to replace them, the Half-breeds went off in search of some from the Dwarves. Her Lady didn't tell you so?' asked the rabbit.

'No. She hadn't had the chance. Did you say they went get money off the Dwarves?' asked Con.

Gerbyn nodded. 'They thought it was the best idea.'

'And what did the Queen think of this?'

'She was against it, only they stopped listening to her. It seemed she was only good enough to kill a dragon.'

Con's anger burned at that. She's their Queen. The Half-breeds I took to war with me would have listened to her. 'Thank you, Gerbyn.' Con left the table and made his way back up to Their room.

Con opened the door to his room and saw that Tornei was still asleep. She was curled up under the furs and Con decided that he didn't want to wake her up so instead he walked to the bed and sat in the chair that was still there. He loved watching her sleep, it was something that Con used to always do when they where younger and he would wake up but she would carry on sleeping. Tornei's hair would fall in front of her face- just as it was doing now- and he would always move it out of the way- just like he was doing now. Tornei rolled completely over so she was facing the wall and left a space that was big enough to fit Con. With the sudden urge he unlaced his boots and climbed in next to her. It was too early to be sleeping but just to feel her next to him made him appreciate her surviving. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. Con pressed his face into her hair and inhaled scent. Gradually his eyes started to close and he fell asleep breathing in the smell of strawberries.

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