Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


46. Chapter Forty-Six


 Two moons since the Half-breeds came back and Lysan had declared Tornei well enough to move out of her bed, which Tornei instantly did. A week after the Half-breed's return, Tornei had admitted she climbed from the bed to look out of the window.

'You're not mad at me, are you?' she asked in a small voice. Con knew why she would think he was angry with her, but truth was, he wasn't.

'No, you're just curious.' he replied with a smile. Tornei smiled back, slightly and Con was happy to see her smile again, even if it was only a little one.

Two moons and Con was constantly in fear of being attacked by the dwarves, but they hadn't come yet. Con supposed with as much money as the dwarves had, it would be difficult to notice that some of it was gone but he knew they would realise some day.

The money was sent off and Half-breeds from Dracwyn were shipped over to Berkeville and began working on the destroyed houses. 

Soon two moons turned into three and so on. Cadmy's had is fourteenth birthday arrived and his wooden sword was filled with led even though Cadmys begged his mother for steel but Tornei told him he was too young.

As he was lying in bed a year after Cadmys' birthday, he thought about many things. The first being of Bowen the Elf. The trouble that had caused almost two years ago and the elves did nothing else. Maybe they got their point across. But they hadn't even came over to Berkeville to take Bowen back or even to take Tornei back. Con didn't know much about elves but he thought that they gave up easily. 

His second thought went to Tornei. He realised they hadn't had sex since the conceiving of the twins and that was two years ago- the first time he got back from the war. Con knew Tornei had to heal, but Lysan hadn't actually told him when that was done- hadn't told him with any of his children but they normally resumed their normal nighttime activity two years after their children had been born, but the twins were only one. Con looked at Tornei next to him, and with her hair in her face and her hot breath against his bare arm he felt himself become hard and instantly rolled over so his back was facing Tornei and fell into a uneasy sleep.


Con woke up the next morning and find that he had turned over in his sleep and nearly jumped at the sight of blue eyes staring back at him. Tornei laughed, it was more of a croaky sound, but it was a laugh all the same and Con realised how good it felt to hear her laugh, even if he'd heard it all the other days during her recovery. The feel of her body and the smell of her sleepy scent made shots of arousal down to his cock. Unable to just say laying there next to her any longer, Con pushed Tornei onto her back and climbed on top of her. 

'Con-' Tornei began, but Con cut her off with a hard kiss and kicked the covers from their bodies.

Initially being taken aback, Con felt Tornei kiss him back with the same amount of force he had given her. The need for air became too much and began to trail kisses from her neck to her chest. Con moved himself further down Tornei's body. He pushed two fingers into her and began to move her wetness around. Con then took his fingers out and looked up into Tornei's eyes. Without needing to ask the question, Tornei nodded her head. Con scambled up her body. Kissing her once more, he pushed himself inside.

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