Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


41. Chapter Forty-One


 Dalya woke up to the sound of a baby crying. At first, she thought she was dreaming of the future. Her as an adult, with a little pup, but she realised that it was her sister crying. She climbed out of the bed and walked over to the pup in the basket, bare feet making no sound on the solid floor. Dalya picked up Eyesha and the baby stopped crying, instead she started to root for Dalya's chest.

'Come on,' said Dalya, putting Eyesha at arms length. 'Let's go find Lottie.' while Sasha still slept on, Dalya left her bedroom and knocked on the door next to her. Lottie, seeming to have just woken up, opened the door.

'She's hungry,' said to Lottie, handing her sister over. Lottie shut the door and Dalya went back into her own room.

Sasha carried on sleeping. In terms of crying, Dalya liked Sasha a bit more than Eyesha. She loved them both, but Sasha slept at night while her twin tended to wake up. Dalya couldn't understand how Sasha slept through Eyesha's screaming, she was sure her younger sister's whines woke Cadmys but at night, maybe even Jenna who was the furtherest away.

By the time Dalya had got dressed, Sasha had woken up. Dalya couldn't be sure how long Sasha had been awake for since this twin didn't tend to cry. Just as Dalya picked her sister up, Lottie came in. 'She's awake as well?' asked Lottie. Dalya nodded and handed Sasha to Lottie. 'I'll take them today,' said Lottie, holding Eyesha in one arm and taking Sasha in the other. 'Thank you,' said Dalya. She was thankful for Lottie's help. With her mother sick and Father determined to stay by her side, Dalya knew someone had to look after the village. 

Once Lottie had left Dalya's room, she decided to go see Father. She opened the door to their room. For a moment she could pretend that she was six years old again. Her mother wasn't dying and her sisters weren't born. Each morning she would wake up and knock on her parents' room. She would then open the door and find them wrapped around each other some way. Dalya smiled at the thought. The days before there was no war and everything was perfect, almost like all the stories that were read to her when she was a child. The descriptions of a land far away from Newearth. Dalya did miss her stories. It was always a place of comfort. A place she could go when the war got too scary and realistic. She would take on of her books off the bookshelf and get lost in a story where a dwarve and an elf fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. She could get lost in the times were she thought that were possible, until she learned that creatures were supposed to stay with their own kind.

Dalya pushed open the door and saw her Father, sitting staring at her mother, while her mother still lay lifeless on the bed. Not knowing whether or not her father knew of her presense, Dalya coughed. Father looked up to see where the noise had come from.

'Dalya,' he croaked.

'How is she?' Dalya asked.

'No change, according to Lysan.' said Father.

'Where is the doctor?' Dalya asked as she walked over and grabbed another chair, brought it up to Mother's bed and sat down.

'I told him to go rest. I'm here, so there's no point in him being here.' Father stared back at Mother.

There was no sound, only the twittering of birds. Finally, Dalya broke the silence in the room.

'It's Jenna's birthday today,' she stated.

She saw Father look up. He forgot.

'How is she?' he asked.

'Bad. She says her brains confused about what's going on.' Dalya admitted.

'You've talked to her?'

'Yes. It took some time. She can barely look at me. She says I remind her of Mother.' Dalya looked to her mother than. That's because I do look like Mother.

'It's hard for her, Dalya. She's only elev- twelve.'

'It's hard for me, too.' said Dalya, tears in her eyes.

'It's hard for all of us.' Father said.

The silence came again. Dalya stared out of the window. She only realised it was beginning to snow.

'Please wake up, Tornei.' she heard her father say. Dalya continued to stare out of the window. Maybe she should leave, give her father some time alone, but for some reason she couldn't so instead she carried on staring out of the window. The snow was falling heavy now, ice would probably be in its place tomorrow. She thought about Jenna. Jenna loved it when the snow turned to ice, it meant she could skate on it and she would always drag Dalya out with her. Dalya had a feeling there would be no ice skating for her sister tomorrow. 

'Mmm...' came a noise from the bed which brought Dalya out of her thoughts. It seemed to bring Father out of his when he said: 'Tornei?' Dalya watched as her mother moved slightly. 'Tornei, wake up. Come on, Tornei!' her father urged. Dalya watched in disbelief as her mother moved some more and licked her lips. Slowly, her eyes began to open. Mother's alive

'Where's the girls?' she asked, her voice dry and hoarse from not using it.

'With Lottie. They're okay. They've been getting cared for.' said Father.

'Do they have names?' she asked.

'Sasha and Eyesha.' said Dalya, ecstatic that her mother was alive and talking.

'Sasha and Eyesha...' Mother repeated.

'Cadmys and Jenna named them.' said Father.

Dalya watched as Mother looked around the room then back at herself and Father. 'Where are they?' she asked.

Father turned to Dalya. 'Go find your brother and sister,' he told her. Without a second thought, Dalya jumped up from her seat and ran to find her siblings.

She knocked on Jenna's door first. 'Jenna! Jenna! Jenna!' she shouted through the door. The door opened and Jenna came out, still in her nightdress,  looking slightly angry at being disturbed.

'What?' she asked.

'It's Mother! Mother's awake! Come on, we've got to get Caddy!' Dalya was practically bouncing up and down. Jenna left her room, without getting changed, with a big smile on her face. Together they knocked on their brother's door and told him about Mother. Not even waiting for them, Cadmys ran off to Mother's room. They all burst in. Dalya saw her mother was sitting up now and Father said a huge smile on his face. All three of them climbed onto the bed.

'I want my babies, Con.' said Mother, her voice sounding better than it did. Dalya agreed that she would go and get the twins and ran off to Lottie's room. She knocked on the door, told Lottie that Mother was awake and that she wanted to see her babies. Together they brought the twins in, Lottie placed Sasha in Father's arm and Dalya put Eyesha in her mother's arms. She then sat back down on the bed next to Jenna. Her thoughts went back to Jenna and she thought that this was her sister's best birthday ever. She thanked the Griffins for bringing her mother back to her. Dalya also hoped that her sister could forgive Sasha and Eyesha now.

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