Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


45. Chapter Forty-Five


 The Half-breeds had came back last night. Dalya had woken up to the sound of them shouting and heard her father loudly walk down the stairs. She climbed out of bed and walked to her window to see a mob of people standing around trying to get their paws and claws on the money. The way they were acting frightened Dalya. In the stories, the Half-breeds where always the good ones and it was the other creatures who weren't, but right now, the said Half-breeds weren't acting any better than the dwarves probably do. 

Struck with needing that sense of security again, Dalya ran from the window and pulled a chest out from under her bed. She unlocked the chest which revealed all her books she used to read as a cub. Mother had suggested throwing them away but Dalya couldn't, they were the one thing that was hears. Jenna had laughed at her, calling her a baby, but Dalya didn't care, Jenna was just jealous. 

She pulled one of her favourite books out, where Naerbess, the elf and Landulyn, the Half-breed lion marry and live happily never after. Dalya climbed back into her bed, trying to ignore the sound of the reality Half-breeds screaming and shouting.


Dalya made her way down to the Great Hall to eat her breakfast. Jenna was already down there, along with Cadmys and they seemed to be arguing about something.

'They will come,' said Jenna as she ripped a piece of raw meat between her fangs. 'We've stolen from them.'

'They got that much money they probably won't even realise it missing.' argued Cadmys, marking his fork into the table so it made stratches- a habbit of Cadmys'

Dalya sat down opposite her siblings and realised what they were arguing about. She sat down, put her napkin on her lap- something both Jenna and Cadmys 'forgets to do' and picked the plate that had mostly salads on it, with a only tiny bits of raw meat.

Jenna stopped eating her own food to stare at her. 'That's rabbit food, you know.' Jenna pointed out.

Dalya looked up from her own food. 'It's healthier to have a mix of things and not just live on meat.' said Dalya, picking up her knife and fork and cutting her meat like she was taught to do. Jenna shrugged and picked another piece of meat off the plat with her hands and began ripping pieces of with her fingers- which, by the way, looked like they hadn't been cleaned recently, and began stuffing the meat into her mouth. Dalya tried to ignore it and eat her own food but it was off-putting to do so with Jenna opposite her eating with her mouth open so she could see all the food getting chewed conbined with saliva. Having enough of Jenna's eating habbits, Dalya threw her knife and fork down. 'Do you have to eat like that?' asked Dalya, disgusted.

'Like wha-?' asked Jenna, mouth full.

'With you're mouth open, making the sound of the cow family we went to visit in Fayvale.' 

Jenna continued putting food into her mouth and talking with her mouth full, like that wasn't the cause of their disagreement. 'If you don't like it, Dalya, then go.' said Jenna, wet meat in her mouth.

Dalya stood up. 'You wouldn't be behaving so if mother or father were down here.' said Dalya, before she left.

Swallowing the meat, Jenna said: 'Well, they aren't here so I can eat like a wolf, which is the species we are.' 

Dalya, disgusted with her younger sister, shook her head and walked out, muttering: 'I hope Sasha and Eyesha aren't like this.' 

Knowing her lessons will be starting soon, Dalya went to find Carla then she could deal with Jenna's ill-manners.

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