Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


40. Chapter Forty


 'Conwyn! Conwyn! Get your ass in here now and wash these buckets!'

He could hear someone shouting. In the distance he could hear the sound of cackling, like the one that fire makes but it seemed far away. He noticed he was in a garden, the smell of cut grass tickling his nose. He stood up from his sitting position and saw a cottage. 

'Conwyn! Conwyn!' Con walked towards the house there the shouting got louder. He pushed open the door but as he stepped in, he noticed he was in a dragon's nest. Dragoncrest? The flying creatures flew around, not even noticing him. Con tried to get out of the nest, via the door he walked through but as he turned around he noticed the door was gone and in its place was a brown stone wall.

Con slowly turned around and saw a massive dragon in front of him. It breathed fire but the fire didn't touch Con. He opened his eyes and saw a Half-breed wolf coming towards him. Tornei. Only this Tornei was younger, thirteen maybe and the fire in the background turned into a forest. Tornei was sitting down, they both were. I remember this. The sky was black and it seemed to be the middle of the night. Con grabbed Tornei's hand but it was cold. That wasn't right, despite the being winter, and her hands not being covered, Con remembered they were warm.

He looked from their joined hands to Tornei's face and it changed again. She was lying down in her bed; pale, lightly breathing and still cold, not making a sound. He threw his arms around her, pulling her closer to him, but the more he seemed to pull her, the further she seemed to get away. 'Tornei!' he began to shout, very much like the woman who was shouting at the beginning. 'Tornei...Tornei...' She was too far to reach now, but he carried on shouting her name.

He felt someone shaking him, even as he stired he still shouted, 'Tornei...'

'Your grace, you need to wake up. You've been dreaming.' Con shot up. 'Tornei!'

'No change, your grace.' said Lysan, moving away from Con.

Con looked to Tornei. She still lay sleeping. He placed a hand on her chest and could just about feel the beating of her heart, light and fast. Far to fast. I was almost as if her body was trying so hard not to shut up. Maybe that's exactly why it is beating so fast. 

'Have my children been in?' he asked.

'Not since you last saw them when you were awake.' said Lysan.

'How long have I been asleep for?'

'At least an hour,'

An hour. Griffins' sake.

'Are my children awake?' asked Con.

'It's the middle of the night, your grace.' said Lysan.


Con wanted to see his children. Needed to see them, especially Jenna. Griffins, she's only eleven. He knew Dalya would do her best to keep her calm and hopeful but she was probably dealing with the babies. Sasha and Eyesha. Cadmys and Jenna had called them Sasha and Eyesha. He could tell his youngest daughter- middle child now- hadn't wanted to name them. Hadn't wanted to have anything to do with them. He saw her look to Tornei then back at the baby she was to name and could see disgust on her face. Con knew what she was thinking, they killed her mother, and he did hope that Dalya was trying to change her mind. She had reluctantly named her Eyesha then left the room. Cadmys and Dalya followed behind her shortly after that. Lottie had come in the feed the twins and she left with them so Con was alone with Tornei and Lysan.

He looked at Tornei now, brushed her strawberry blonde hair out of the way, which had actually grown quite long, and stared into her face. 'I wish you were awake, Tornei. I need you. We all do.' he said to her, unsure whether or not Lysan had heard him, Con didn't care if he did or not. He thought about his life without Tornei and realised that if she was to die, he might die himself for he couldn't imagine living in this world without her. 

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