Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


15. Chapter Fifteen


 The moment the door of her prison opened, Tornei was blinded by torchlight. She could see a figure standing over her. He wasn't fat but he wasn't necessarily skinny, either. He picked her up by her arm. 'King Corym wants to see you.'

Tornei couldn't decide why it was the elf-king who wanted to see her. Her muscles hurt as she stood up and she swayed a bit, actually thankful for the guard holding her. Once she regained her balance, the guard took her from the room.

They walked down endless corridors and more than once Tornei slightly tripped over her own hair. The guard opened an oak door. Tornei could see that the entire room was full of elves, all looking at her. Both she and the guard walked up the little pathway the elves had left. Once they had reached a few steps before the stairs, the guard threw her onto the floor saying: 'I brought her, your grace.'

Tornei looked up at the elf-king and, like his son, was also blonde only he had massive ears and wore blue robes. He sat upon a throne made of oak that was place upon five sets of stairs that circled around so the king was looking down on everyone.

'I've been told that the animals from Berkeville call you 'Queen.' Well, you're not looking much of a queen now, are you.' jeered the elf-king. Everyone in the room laughed and Tornei felt herself go red. 'How did she walk?' the elf-king asked the guard who brought Tornei down.

'She tripped now and then.' said the guard.

Confused as to why the elf was asking the guard that type of questioned, it finally hit her.

'Well, we can't be having you tripping up everywhere, can we?' the elf-king asked Tornei. He turned to the guard closest to him. 'Siezor, perhaps our wolf-queen would like a hair cut.' 

No, not my hair!

Tornei tried to move, but she couldn't, her body aching. The guard called Siezor came over to her, unsheathed his sword and grabbed her hair. Tornei shut her eyes. 'How short, your grace?' Tornei heard him ask.

'Hmm...we don't want it too short. Long enough for Conwyn Fyrehart to pull his filthy claws through. I'd say...just above her hips.' Siezor the guard picked up her hair and sliced his way through it. The cut pieces fell to the floor. Tornei's head felt significantly lighter. She could see her cut hair all around her and felt tears in her eyes.

No, Tornei! You're not going to cry in front of all these people. It's just hair. It can grow.

Corym must have noticed she was about cry as he said: 'Come on, my lady, it's only hair. Nothing to cry about.'

Tornei heard someone mutter something but she made no attention to it.

Just bear it, Tornei. It'll be over soon.

'Her dress is a bit dirty, isn't it? Dolan!' shouted the king.

No. Not Dolan. Any elf but Dolan.

'Your grace?' asked Dolan.

'Perhaps you would like the honors in making your favourite little wolfie more presentable.'

Dolan walked over to her and stood behind her. He pushed Tornei's hair out of the way- which fell over her shoulders so Tornei took the opportunity to see how long it was- Dolan grabbed the top of her dress and ripped it in two, making the dress fall down. Tornei crossed her arms across her chest so the remains of the dress at least covered up her breast which where now screaming in pain from the touch.

'Hmm...I'm bored now. I've had my fun with her. Dolan! Perhaps you would like to take her back to her room.' said the king. Dolan looked down at her hungrily. 

Accepting what was going to happen to her, still covering herself with her severly ripped dress and walked out of the room with Dolan following behind her.

As she got near the door to her prison, she look helplessly at the guard who stared straight ahead.

Once the door was locked behind her, Tornei realised there was no way out. This had to happen and it was going to happen whether she liked it or not. She pushed her dress down, thankful that she was already pregnant. Once the dress was off her, she turned around to see Dolan fiddling with the laces on his pants. Once he got them off, he pushed Tornei onto the ground.

A few minutes later, Dolan got off her, satisfied, put his pants back on and left. Tornei turned onto her side and pushed her knees up to her stomach. Naked, alone, ashamed and feeling as though she had just been ripped in two, Tornei cried herself to sleep.

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