Eight creatures fight for the power to control Newearth.


18. Chapter Eighteen


 Con entered a village apparently called Whiteham. It was full of people and wagons. Passing from Half-breed's Court to Elflees, Con had nearly got ran over by all sorts.

Walking around he noticed a fox but it wasn't just any old fox. It seemed too human. The fox looked at him then went into a little side alley. Getting the feeling the fox wanted him to follow, Con walked in the same direction.

Con turned the corner and instead of seeing the fox, he saw a woman with orange ears, orange tail and straight hair to match.

'Turn yourself into a human.' she said, and Con did that. 

'You're a half-breed.' stated Con. 'In an elf land.' he added.

'So you should know he I am.' said the fox.

'Mya Piper.' Con simply said.

'A bird told me you were on your way to Elflees.' said Mya.

'My wife was wolf-napped.'

'I know. I've seen her.' 

'You've seen Tornei? Is she okay?'

'Well, if you call being raped by numberous of elves okay then yes, she is.'

Raped...Con couldn't believe it. 'Where is she?'

'In Elflees. I told her I would bring you to her.'

'That's where I was going.' said Con.

'I'm guessing you've walked through every village from Berkeville, that's why it's taken you two days. We'll take a wagon. Nobody questions me. You might as well stay in your human form as well, nothing should happen to you if you stay by me.' 

Con followed Mya to a wagon. As she said, they weren't questioned. Con's thoughts went to Tornei. Alone in some dark room getting hurt in the worst possible way. He hoped he could trust Mya. Of course he knows how Mya Piper turned her back on them and decided to alley with the elves but Con didn't think Mya allied with anyone. She was a fox after all. Cunning, strategy. Both of which Mya possessed.

They reached Elflees by nightfall. Just staring up at the place made Con want to storm in, kill everyone in his way, and rescue Tornei like from the stories. 

The wagon stopped and Con climbed down. He helped Mya down as well, she muttered 'thanks.' 

They walked towards the gate.

This is it. Time to kill the bastards.

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