Blood! (5SOS) (Sequal to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys.

The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys.

But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her.

Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power.

I can smell a blood of Chrissy's.

It wasn't human's blood, it was witch blood.

I run off to find her...

You know what? I love being Vampire!

Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


9. Chapter 8


Chapter 8




The first week has passed.

I wish...

I could open my eyes to see these beautiful blue eyes of Luke, but it was too late!

He might be a full vampire.

Someone run speedily to me and put this hand onto my hand. 

"Hey, Amber..." That was Luke greets.

Thanks to God because I never hear his voice.

"I'm been thinking about this. I'm sorry, Amber." Luke whispers on end of his sentence.

What is it?

I wish I opened my eyes.

I've been told by my Dad.

He says to me:

"This time, you are sleeping very long time and dies soon. Make sure you're thinking about become full vampire." 

Luke interrupts my flashback.

"That I will become full vampire. Amber! I know I can read your mind but I feel like upset take over my body. I don't want to be upset about this." He explains.

I might be confused, but I want to know why.

"Because this bother on me. I don't want you to dies." Luke says.


Luke's too sweet!

"Thanks!" He says.

I wish I could laughter, but I can't.

I can hear Luke's cute chuckle.

"Well then, I got to go!" He carry on with his sad voice.

I can feel his breath on my face...

It means he was too closer on my face.

He kisses on my forehead and pulls away from my forehead.

"I promise when you woke up, I'll find you. One day!" Luke says.

He gives me a forehead kiss again and places his forehead on mine.

I wish I could give a smile... 

"I love you." Luke whisper softly.

He pulls away from my forehead.

"Hey, Amber..." That was Chrissy interrupts our moment.

I guess she must be shocked because of him.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Chrissy apologies.

She was about to walks away, as I can hear her footstep, but Luke stop her.

"Wait. Come here." Luke orders.

I can hear her step; she walks to us slowly.

"Yeah." Chrissy says nervously.

"Well, since you're here... I would like to give you a favor." Luke pauses.


Luke, I want you to come here and stay with me until I woke up.

"Can you please stay with her while I'm gone, deal?" Luke asks.


I can hear Chrissy's shocked sound.

"Sure." She says with her sad voice.

No, Luke!

I can hear Luke runs off and I can feel the tears build up in my eyes, but I let them down outside of my closing eyes.

I can hear Chrissy's shocked sound.

"Tears... Amber... Will be dies. I know why. Is it because of your heartbreak?" 

I might be confused.

What is it?

"The tears of your is blood." Chrissy says nervously.

How did you read my mind?

"Um... I'm a witch, remember? A witch can do anything but only two thing that I can't do. It was running and fight." Chrissy explain.



We have silence moment, but someone calls her name from outside of the room.

"Yeah!" Chrissy shouted.

"Come down! I need your help from kitchen." That was Calum speak like a woman.



"Okay! I'm coming! Sorry, Amber!" Chrissy says.

With that, she walked away to leave me alone and then Calum walked inside the room.

"How did you know it was me?" Calum says with normal voice.


Calum interrupts my talking.

"Ah! Who care?" He says.

I wonder, maybe he could read my mind.

Can he?



A/N: So sorry for the short chapter.

Anyway, I'm sorry for not to publish this story.

So, GTG!


Love you!

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