Blood! (5SOS) (Sequal to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys.

The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys.

But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her.

Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power.

I can smell a blood of Chrissy's.

It wasn't human's blood, it was witch blood.

I run off to find her...

You know what? I love being Vampire!

Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


24. Chapter 23


Chapter 23




Luke P.O.V

Today's the day,

I sigh sadly.

It's sad to see them leaving, and they'll be breaking up very soon.

Yeah, right!

I think it's Zayn's fault...

Don't worry, Liam!

I will take care of Amber!

I can't believe it...

When Amber went downstairs, she seems avoided me lately, and she went past me.

I sigh sadly.

Oh, man!

She must be angry that she was going to marry to Ashton..!

They're doing nothing but do it for Mr Rosemary, and I want to marry her.

Remember I was a bad person that Mr Rosemary says about me.


I sigh exhale.

'Luke, where are you? I need to talk to you!' That was Micheal startled me.

I sigh annoyingly.

I don't care if you want my help! 

I was sitting on the sofa and watching on the TV.

Nothing on TV is going on...

I sigh sadly.

Someone runs in the living room before I turn TV off and I was confused when someone runs to me.

"Dude!" That was Micheal says worriedly.

"What, Micheal? I was busy!" I snap.

Micheal looks confused when I stand up, and I turn around to walk away from him when I look down on the ground.

"Luke!" Micheal grabs my arm.

I was shocked when he grabbed my arm, and I turn around slowly to see Micheal.

He just looks at me, and I was confused. 

"I have a vision!" Micheal pauses.

I was confused when he says it, and he looks serious.

"What vision?" I ask.

"Well... It's about... Amber!" He sound like calm and then turn out scared.

I sigh sadly.


Not sure what's going on, but I'm not in a good mood.

Just because I was upset with this marriage!

Not going to stop their wedding on this day of they getting married.

Of course not, I don't know what's date...

He wouldn't tell me!

"Yeah, I'm not in a good mood at this!" I say.

"Well... I'm not sure about this vision because..." Micheal says nervously.

I scoff.

That's what I thought so!

I sigh annoyingly.

He seems like he lost his word. 

I scoff again. 

Wasting my time!

I was about to walk away, but Micheal stops me from saying something to me about Amber...

"She'll becomes full vampire very soon!" Micheal blabs.

I was in frozen that Micheal says something to me and I sigh exhaled.

"She'll die if Zayn found out and took her on her wedding-" He continues to blab, but quickly.

I turn around to see his scared face, and I run to him.

I push him to sit down on the chair, and I was sitting next to him.

"Slow down! Zayn did what?!" I ask angrily.

He nods with his scared face, and I sigh sadly.

Of course, I was so stupid.

But Zayn will come back and take her out of her wedding.

"You know what? It is funny because I read Zayn's mind nearby the big tree and I feel stupid." I explain.

I sigh sadly.


What if Micheal told Mr Rosemary about that, what would he do?

"I mean... Without my vision, this couldn't be happening in real life. Amber will die." Micheal says.

"Dude! Listen, Mr. Rosemary wants to hear this... Because he knows what to do! Right?" I ask.

Also, I want to see him...

Concern about Amber.

I sigh sadly.

"You're right! We need to go to his office!" Micheal says as we walk together.

Mr Rosemary runs to us and stops us.

"Whoa! What's happening? I need to know! Talk!" He raises his voice.

"How-" Micheal pauses.

He realised that Mr Rosemary has a gift that he has Jasper's gift.

"I need you to calm down and listen what Micheal was saying, Mr and Mrs Rosemary." I say as I look up at the picture of Amber, Elizabeth and Carlisle.

"Look! It's kind of hard to tell... But..." Micheal pauses.

He looks nervous when he looks at me.

"You can do it!" I order as I smile sweetly.

Micheal nods and looks down on the ground.

Come on, Micheal!

Just do it!

He looks up at his face.

"Your daughter will going to be..." Micheal pauses.

I look at you while Micheal was talking about Amber and I give you an evil smile.

You will find out what happening next..!

Everything went blank!




Micheal P.O.V

 I want to tell him all about what happened in my vision.

I sigh sadly.

Maybe I don't want to say something that will make him feel upset.

I just don't...

I paused for a long time. 

"Yeah... You were saying that... 'My daughter will be...' Yeah?" Mr. Rosemary says.

I was so nervous!

I chuckle nervously.

I can see his serious face send to stop laughing.

I stopped, and I look down on the ground.

I was about to say something to Mr Rosemary, but I was shaking as nervously and my hand as well.

"Micheal, just tell him what did you say to me!" Luke orders as he put his hand on my shoulder.

To know, Luke is there for me.

"I-I-I..." I say nervously as I look up at Mr. Rosemary.

You know what?

He seems like he didn't look mad at me because I didn't do anything.

I breathe in, and I breathe out.

"I was saying that she would be..." I pause.

You can do it! Micheal, you can do it!

"A full vampire. In... I don't know... Like Springtime?" I say confusedly.

Mr Rosemary looks shocked, and then he chuckles.


I was so confused because of his laugh, he looks happy.

I sigh sadly.

I just stood here!

"Why are you laughing..?" I pause.

I paused because Amber is just coming in with Ashton's arm and they seems euphoric as I was confused.

I turn around to see Luke, and he smiled.


I was very confused.

He should be jealous and be angry!


Luke looks at me as he gives me a wink and evil smile.

This is all your plan to being happy?!

He nods at once.

I sigh sadly.

I turn back to see them, and then they look at us as they frown down.


It makes me wonder..!

Have they listened what we were just talking about earlier?

I asked them this question aloud in my thought.

"Yeah... All the time! We're standing next to the door." Ashton says.

I sigh sadly.

"Am I just become a full vampire, Micheal?" Amber asks.

I sigh sadly.

Should I say yes?

Luke pats on my shoulder, and I sigh annoyingly.

It can be..!

He already read my mind.

How annoyed is it?

"Yeah, you are! And... Zayn-" Luke covers my mouth quickly.

"He was saying that..." He pauses.

He paused because he just looks at me as he acts like he doesn't know and turn around to see them as he gets an idea!

"... Zinger... he would like to know you. A-and I would like to invite him to come here." Luke continues to say these wired things.

Amber nods.

"Really?!" I whisper as I remove his hand.

"Give it a break!" He whispers as he still look at them and give them an unconformable smile.

I roll my eyes.

Forget it!

She'll never be-

"Yeah! I want to see him." Amber says.


She believes it!

"Well... That's it! Amber... Why are you going to your room and wash your body over the smell?" Mr. Rosemary says.

They're talking about the smell while I talk to Luke.

"See... You're welcome!" Luke whisper.


I never say thank you!

Oh, man!

Now I say it!

Luke still looks at Amber, and he looks sad.


I can see that you love her.

Why didn't you want to ask for her father's blessing to marry Amber?

"Actually... Look at us... She's a good girl and I'm... A bad boy. Amber should be married to a good boy. Ashton is a good man that care enough about her." Luke explains in a whisper.

Yeah, but, it's for your love to her.

"Whatever!" He groans.

I smile sweetly.

Go for it!

"What? I can't!" Luke whispers.

I look at him with a serious face.

Why not?

"That!" Luke says as his thumb point at them.

I look at them as Amber gives Ashton a cheek kiss and I open my mouth.

"That's why!" Luke says.


I sigh sadly.

With that, Luke walks away from us and Amber's gone to the bath.

What if Amber would love Luke back?



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