Blood! (5SOS) (Sequal to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys.

The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys.

But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her.

Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power.

I can smell a blood of Chrissy's.

It wasn't human's blood, it was witch blood.

I run off to find her...

You know what? I love being Vampire!

Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2




Still earlier that day,


I start my eyes openly to see a boy, who seem around my age I think, smile at me and open his mouth.

I see the fangs on his mouth. 

I feel like my heart goes to crush.

What is this feeling?

Is it jealous?

I am, right?

Am I right? 

He was about to say something, but he stop himself, and he looks sad.

"Is something wrong?" He says. 

"I want that fangs!" I moan with point at his fangs.

He sighs happily, and he gives me a friendly smile.

This smile reminds me of someone who finally becomes my friend.

Calum Hood.

I was still staring at this smile, but he looks uncomfortable. 

I look away from his faces to look around, and he put me down.

Where are we?

Aren't we in forests?

"Yep!" That was Luke says.

But I don't see him.

He wasn't here.

I look around and turn around at the same times.

I just found out that I was alone.

Calum stood there, but he disappeared, left me.

Thanks a lot, Calum!

Not helping! 

I hated it when I was alone.

I sigh sadly, and I was shocked.

I jump because someone jumped on the ground from the big tree. 

That was Luke!


He gives me a heart attack. 

"Today is... I'm going to teach you how to run to get your house." Luke explains with smirk looks.

"I can't running. It's not my thing to run." I say.

"Well, then..." He pauses.

He walked around me slowly, and I look down on the ground at the same time.

"Then why are you vampire?" He snaps.

I was shocked, and I look up at the tree.

Of course, I'm a vampire now.

He's right!

"Can you walk like it?" He shows me to walk slowly into run faster.

He points at me, and I sigh nervously.

I wonder what if he will be laughter at me?

"No, I'm not! But only if I could teach you!" He shouts.

"Well then! I'll give it a try!" I shout nervously.

"Don't be nervous!" Luke shouts.

"Come on! You can do it!" He engorge me.

I sigh sadly.

I do it as he ordered, but I keep to run and run.

Then Luke was for me to run and race.

"Come on, Amber!" Luke engorge me.

He was still running with me, and he wants me to run.

"I don't want to run!" I complain.

"But you did!" Luke finishes my sentence.

I look down on my feet.

Oh, I thought so...

Where are we going?

"Wait, wait, wait!"

He stops to run, and I turn around to see him stand there.

I keep to running but never stop.

I wish Luke will help me to stop.

He turns around to looks around to see no one's there and I turn around to see the big tree.

I almost slam myself to get hurt, but Luke pulled me with him.

"How to stop from running? Look..." He pauses.

He put his foot to use his heel bone to stop as I do the same thing as he did.

I wonder what's happening with One Direction boys.

I sigh. 

I hope everything got to be okay!

My Dad said to me they're gone when I woke up.

Until I hear the cough of the girl. 

Sound like a Teenage girl! 


It's witch blood!

Why did she here? 

I sigh annoyingly.

Her power was so mighty!

I look around the forest and bush while I sniff.

I can see her feet stand behind a bush and I look at Luke.

He gives me shaking his head while I amble.

"Why?" I whisper.

"Well... I read her mind that she's Harry Styles' younger sister." He whispers.

"Harry?!" I shout.

He shushes me, and I do it as he ordered.

"Well... We gotta to go now!" Luke runs off.

I sigh sadly, and I was about to run away, but something stops me from pulling me up.

It was pulled up spell from a witch.

Someone walked up to me.


It was a teenage girl.

"What are you doing here?" A girl asks.

She looks familiar to me.

Wait a minute!

Chrissy Styles?



A/N: I'm so sorry!

I just delay on this chapter... I'm sorry!

I should not forget about it anymore!


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