Blood! (5SOS) (Sequal to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys.

The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys.

But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her.

Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power.

I can smell a blood of Chrissy's.

It wasn't human's blood, it was witch blood.

I run off to find her...

You know what? I love being Vampire!

Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


19. Chapter 18


Chapter 18





I run, and I run speed.

I have to find Harry Styles before he'll get revenge on the vampire boys.

I turn my head to smell the werewolf's blood and feel hard.

That meant..! 

I smell again. 

He's not that far away. 

I run speed within smell the werewolf.

When I spot him, I stop to run, and I pant heavily.

Remember I'm still half human. 

I found him!

I saw him to sat alone for a long time and looked down on the cliff.

Don't tell me that he want to kill himself.

I sigh sadly.

I start to walk to his back as slowly, but Harry stops me as he was saying something!

"Leave, Amber." He sounds sad.

I have a heartbreak that's when I can hear his sad voice, and I was thinking for a little while.

I shake my head to myself.


I can't leave him.

"Harry. Listen..." I pause.

I start to walk, and I sit next to him. 

"You know why I'm here for? Because I was here for you! And yeah, I want Luke to love me. Thank you, because you're the one who make me realise that I love-" I pause.

I pause when I turn my face to see his sad face, and I was shocked to see the tears rolls down on his cheek.

I don't know what I am supposed to do with it.

"Harry..." I say sadly.

My hearts goes pound so hard when I can feel the tears was in my eyes and I grunt softly.

"Maybe... You were right. I shouldn't be here. Bye, Harry." I say sadly.

I stand up, but I fell down on the cliff because I was hurting my heart and it is injured.

Goodbye, everyone!

I feel like I fell in slow motion and I thought...

That's it! 

I close my eyes.


Until someone catches my hand. 

"Hold on!" That was... Harry shouts!

I open my eyes to see Harry within my frightened look, and he looks sad when I put my hand on my heart.

I look down on my body a bit, but...

"Don't look down! Just look at me!" Harry shouts worriedly.

I look up at his face quickly.

"Alright! I'll pull you up." Harry orders by himself.

"Whatever you do, don't be afraid!" He continues to orders, but this time, to me.

I was staring at his beautiful green eyes, and I give him a nod.

I trust him!

He pulls me up at the top of a stupid cliff with his worried look on his face, and he did it!

When he pulls me, I'm on his chest, and I give him a tight hug as I was scared.

"Whoa!" Harry says with his taken-back sound.

"I'm so scared!" I shout terrifed.

When I hug him tighter, I can feel my body was hot and cosy...


When I realised what have I done to him, I let him go fast, and I was about to sit up, but Harry hugs me back quickly.

He rubs on my head and moves down on my back so soft.

I hug him back, and I was crying on his white t-shirt while my heart goes hard.

I grunt and pant heavily while I coughed.

"There, there... Don't worry about it... It'll be fine... I'm right here..." Harry repeat softly.

He repeats as he held me tight enough.

He make me calm down, and it's working.

It's such a soft voice.

That's why Chrissy told me that Harry's sweet person.

I could tell that Chrissy loves him so much.



It's so warm and so cosy!

I was calm down, and I fall asleep on his chest.  

"Amber..." That was... Luke call out to me.


Forgive me!

I know you'll be angry with me, but I will make sure if Harry stole my heart or not and I learned that everybody wants to take his girl!

It'll be me.

I could tell that he loves me.

Do I like him back?

Cos I don't know!

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