Blood! (5SOS) (Sequal to 'Bitten!') (Complete)

Before you read it, go to BOOK 1, Bitten!

(Book 2) Amber is now Half Vampire and Half Human just like boys.

The four boys take her outside and teach her how to eat and run for each boys.

But she got no power until she found it!

One of them, again, fall in love with her.

Just because of her beautiful face.

However, she meets Harry Styles's little sister, Chrissy Styles.

She got a secret power.

I can smell a blood of Chrissy's.

It wasn't human's blood, it was witch blood.

I run off to find her...

You know what? I love being Vampire!

Until she found out...

Let's find out!

Cover maker: ♕Jen hemmings♕


17. Chapter 16


Chapter 16





I was upset at first because of Harry, he sounds like he might care for me, but I don't love him, and I have no idea who do I love.

I just want Luke to remember me, but he can't! 

I was hurting! 

I run speed to get the vampires' house because Chrissy told me after I ask her where are they going there. 


I want to tell them about something before I go back to the vampires' house. 

My hearts goes pound so hard at many times because the tears are in my eyes. 

I keep running, trying to ignore my hearts, and move.

I stop to run, and I pant heavily as I fall over. 

I cried because of my heart; it goes pound and pound so hard again. 

I can't see properly, but I see everything is blurred...

I get up slowly, and I start to walk slowly like zombies, but I was very ill.

My pulse goes slowly.


That isn't the end! 

When I arrive the vampires' house, I spot the werewolves stood in front of the gate, and I smile with my sad face.

I'm so glad that- 

The front doors interrupted my thought, and I was shocked at first.

"Amber?!" That was Harry and Micheal calls my name at the same time.

I was shocked, and I groan.

I feel dizzy, and I hate it!

"Amber! Stay away from her!" Harry sound like worried and he turns into angrily when he saw the boys.

I was about to fall when I step backwards, but someone caught me with running full speedily.

I close my eyes all the time, so, I can't see this person's face because I'm scared...

"Amber..." That was... Luke?! 

I can feel his cold hand touch on my cheek, and he rubs it so gently.

I open my eyes to see the red eyes and his lip make me feel like I want to kiss him...

I bite my lip.

I move my hand onto his cheek and rub it on his cheek.

I don't have power.

I'm so weak, that's why!

He gives me a friendly smile, and I give him a small smile.

Then I drop my hand onto my chest.

"Hey... It's finally to meet you. That's what I really want to see." Luke says tearily.

Before he becomes a full vampire, he made a promise that he'll find me and I was so happy that he remembers.

His hand still touch rubs on my cheek so gently, and he smiles at me. 

I want it so bad!

I lost blurred eyes, and my eyes went close so fast.

Before I close my eyes, Luke say something that makes me feel happy.

"I love you!" Luke whispers.


Why does it make me happy?

When I close my eyes, I smile sweetly and fade down because everything went blank...




Luke P.O.V

After she closes her eyes, I close my eyes and smile at the same time.

Because I remember my promise to her.

Of course, I'm a full vampire.

I'm back from my typical personal. 

Not evil personal!

I open my eyes, and I smile at her slumber sleeping beauty. 

All I see is so beautiful, but she looks so pale, so, I guess she took ill so quickly.

I don't understand it!

Why do I worry about her?

I still rub her cheek.

I sigh sadly.

'I guess who she love is Luke, not Harry.' That was Liam says in his mind.

I smile wide.

Thank you, Amber!

"What do you mean by 'I love you'?" That was Harry asks angrily.

I sigh annoyingly, and I roll my eyes at the same time.

I pick her up like bridal carries and walk past Harry to where Liam stand there.

I smile nicely, and I give him to move her.

"Go on, Liam..." That was Niall orders.

"I think he trusts you." He continues.

I look away from Liam to see Niall's scared face.

I think he looks scared because he's afraid of me.

I smile nicely.

"Yes, Niall! I trust him..." I pause.

I look away from Niall to look back at Liam's face before I say something.

"... because I like you, Liam... You're friendly!" I continue.

I can feel it!

We were gonna to become a friend.

I know this, someday we will...

"What is this?" That was Harry asks angrily.

Liam kindly takes her as he Bridal carries with her and he smiles politely.

I lean forward to his ears and whisper something.

"Don't take her hearts from Harry..." I whisper on his ears

I pull away to see his face as he nods and I sigh happily.

"Thank you!" I say happily.

With that, I walk to enter the house, but Harry grabs my wrist and pulls me to face him...

"Harry... It's okay! We can go now!" Liam orders calmly.

'I hate you so much, Liam...' Harry says in his mind.

"You, stupid vampire, better tell Mr Rosemary that he shouldn't..." I cut him out.

I pull my wrist away from his hand, and I turn around to see him.

"To what? Bite his own daughter, Amber? It is the right way that he bites her properly if she wants to be a full vampire." I finish his sentence.

I scoff.

Because they seem like they didn't know. 

I turn around to run off and enter the house.

'Amber... Is it true?' Harry asks sadly in his mind.

You know this world is the end of her human being!


Oh, well!

They should know what Amber was about to say something to them..!


I read her mind! 

That she wants to be a full vampire like us!

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