Cammie and Tawny, best friends who had one goal in life, become famous. And after taking a class in writing they decide to open a new Magazine called Rumor. The first magazine to ask the questions everyone is dying to know about and their first target, One Direction.


1. First Steps

Cammie's P.O.V.

"My dad paid  for it all." Tawny tells me as she sits down next to me with her Starbucks coffee. My mouth falls open, shocked.

"Please do not tell me that your father went out and bought that two million dollar building floor." I manage to say, its such a shock I'm having a hard time processing it. Tawny just nods, a small smile painted on her lips.

"Yeah, we already hired a bunch of employees and we just needed a place to go, but our budget just wasn't allowing it, so he bought it for us." She smiles again, I wonder what it must be like to have a billionaire as a father. 


"Perfect." I say, stepping back after hanging the big sign saying 'Rumor' over the desk me and Tawny will be sharing when we open tomorrow. It's been three weeks since we bought the building floor and we've been working hard to make it our own. All of the employees we had previously hired, were notified that tomorrow would be the first official day of work but some of them had already started working on their article's for the first edition.

"Cammie!" Tawny calls to me from the hall and I exit our office and find her grinning like a fool.

"You'll never believe who I just got off the phone with," she squeals, "One Direction and they agreed to come in for an interview tomorrow at eight!" I scream and hug her. That is great, just the interview that will make our first edition of Rumor amazing...or should I say amazayn?

"That's great!" I tell her after a few moments of us screaming and hugging.

"I know right, I'll start working on questions tonight and you can review them in the morning." She tells me as we walk towards the elevator, I can't stop smiling. As we get on the elevator and the doors are about to close, our secretary, Gwen, come rushing around the corner and slides on just as the doors shut. She instantly sits down on the floor and pulls out a book.

"Always got to have your nose in a book?" Tawny teases her before turning back to me.

"Oh Tawny, this is perfect." I say, a smirk beginning to form on my face, "I cannot wait to see Zayn's face when he sees me. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. And it's final here." Tawny giggles a little.

"I know right, poor Zayn will never know what hit him!" We both break out into giggles as the elevator dings, signaling our floor.

"See you tomorrow T!" I call out as I head to my car and she waves at me as she climbs into her corvette. I let out a sigh as I get into my car, tomorrow is the day I will ruin Zayn's life for what he did to me. How perfect.   


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