Talent show

Brit Hemmings is a foster child looks,sings,and acts like Luke hummings what will happen when Brit try's sings up for a talent show and 5sos is there?? Oh ya and my best friend is Lilly Hohulian he's 2 years older than me she's like my mother


7. Talent show part 2


Brits POV 

Lilly starts counting off 1.2.3 and we start to play you see that Ashton is smiling like an idiot I start to sing 

I keep looking at Luke I start to remember him I think I knew him when I was younger he's crying I dont know i just keep singing and look at Lilly the rest of the song 

I look at Luke I remember I remember the they took me away from him


Luke- BRIT!!!!!!!

Brit - Luke don't let them take me !!!!!

Luke - I'm sorry I love u !!!! I'll come back for u

Brit- I love u Luke

I was 3 he was 4 they "my parents" didn't have enough money to have two kids so they put me up for adoption I remember Luke crying the last thing he said was that he loves me and that he will come back for me


Lilly's POV

I see that luke is crying and so is Brit Michael is staring at me telling me to stop so I do when I stop Brit just finished singing she ran of stage and Luke ran out of the theater Ashton follows him oh god what is happening

Luke POV

I look at Brit she's looking at me the hole time she sings I start crying towards the end she's my sister she's the one that I've been looking for she starts crying to when she stops singing she looks at me and I nod she runs of stage and I run to go meet her in the hall way 100 feet away is my sister we run up to together we hug for what seems for ever

Luke - I've missed u

Brit - me to

Luke - I'm sorry I never remembered u like yesterday in the bathroom.

Brit - it's ok I didn't remember u till when u started crying

Ashton - LUKE WHERE R U!!!!!!

Luke- right here idiot

Ashton - r u two ok

Brit- um yeah

Ashton - looks hot sounds hot wow

Luke- she's my SISTER!!!!

Ashton. - really!! Oh um sorry

Brit - it's ok and Luke I don't wanna win this because people will bully me more about u being my brother and all

Luke +Ashton- u get bullied

Brit - yeah it's um no big deal

Luke - ok will that is going to stop I want make u the winner but just to be clear u would be the winner

Brit - your just saying that cuz u now I'm your sister u suck

Ashton- no u sound like Luke

Luke - r u saying that I suck

Brit- hell no 5sos is my favorite band

Ashton - who's your favorite

Brit- I ain't telling u

Ashton- it's me isn't it

Brit- I ain't saying anything I don't have a favorite

Luke - yes u do

Brits- I'm not saying fuck I have to make Lilly not tell u guys shut

Ashton- LANGUAGE!!!!!!

Brit- sorry?!?!

Luke - ok well I guess mum nod dad are adopting u in 2 days so

Brit- oh ok so after not seeing me for 14 years they want me back ??!?

Luke- they really do love u they talk about how excited to finally have the money to have both of their kids back

Ashton- they really love u

Brit- how do u know

Luke- do u know on YouTube the person Ara Stetson

Brit- yeah she comments on all my videos

Ashton- Ara Stetson is you mum and dad

Brit - really!!!!

Luke - yes

Michael- can u to "twinzes come on we have to pick a winner

Calum- I vote Luke twin

Ashton+Michael- me to

Luke- she doesn't want to be the winner

Calum- why??

Michael- she doesn't like us😫

Brit- u guys are my fucking favorite band I'm literally crying inside I'm really trying not to scream and cry and rip my hair out

Ashton- wow

Micheal- who's your favorite

Luke- *whispers in Brits ear* just say me

Brit - well lukes my brother so Luke

Ashton- that's not fair!!?!😒

Calum- who's the sexiest

Brit - I ain't answering your questions

Lilly- Brit oh my god are you ok ?

Brit- yeah I'm fine umm can I talk to you for a minute pleaseeeeee??

Lilly- about what

Brit- it's private

Lilly- ok

'They walk back bro

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