Talent show

Brit Hemmings is a foster child looks,sings,and acts like Luke hummings what will happen when Brit try's sings up for a talent show and 5sos is there?? Oh ya and my best friend is Lilly Hohulian he's 2 years older than me she's like my mother


3. sign ups

Brits POV

School is crazy there are girls everywhere screaming and crying about 5sos but everyone keeps coming up to me and asking " how's being lukes sister" " is Luke sexy with out a shirt on" like OMFG he's not my brother my best friend Lilly is my best friend since I moved to the orphanage with was when I was one I don't remember my parents or anything

Lilly- earth to Brit hello

Brit- oh hey

Lilly - are u ok

Brit - um ya definitely

Lilly- well ok but are you going to sign up for the talent show

Brit - I'm thinking about it

Lilly- you should because then you'll be able to see if Luke is you brother

Brit - I know he's not my brother we just look alike and have the same last name it's not a big deal we aren't realated

Lilly - please sign up

Brit - ok I well

Lilly- so do it

Lilly's POV

I made Brit sign up she's probably the best singer in this school I'm going to make her sing voodoo doll or amnesia I think she well sing voodoo doll because that's her favorite song


Lilly- what song are you going to sing

Brit- voodoo doll duhhhhhhh

Lilly - can I hear it

Brit - yeah let me get my guitar

Lilly- ok

I don't even like you like you want to

Go and make me fell this way

Well I don't understand what's up and

I keep saying things I'd Never say

I can feel your watch even when your nowhere to be seen

I can feel your touch even when your far away from me

Tell me where your hiding you voodoo doll cuz I can't control my self

Then she stopped because there was a crowd of people clapping

Brits POV

WOW people are clapping for me I can't believe that im that good I'm soooooo excited 5sos are the judges to I. Hope Ashton likes me he's my favorite in the band so is Luke hehheeheh but Ashton's my favorite times 10000000000000000000000000000 this well be fun

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