Talent show

Brit Hemmings is a foster child looks,sings,and acts like Luke hummings what will happen when Brit try's sings up for a talent show and 5sos is there?? Oh ya and my best friend is Lilly Hohulian he's 2 years older than me she's like my mother


5. day before the talent show 😨

Luke's POV

Tomorrow is the talent show my mom says that she doesn't know if my sister changed her last name or not I don't think she did the boys and I are finishing her room today it's baby blue white with a white bed set and her room has a bunch of posters of us green day ,good Charlotte ect. I think she well like us she's coming to live with us in 3 days

Brits POV

The talent show is tomorrow I'm very exciting people keep saying that I'm going to loss and that if i win it's only because I'm lukes sister i can't take it any more I run into the girls/boys bathroom and cry and cry and cry until I can't take it I start to cut only 4-6 cuts I wash my wrists and wrap them I cry again until I hear voices guy voices I start to get the hiccups someone walks over to the stall I'm in and knocks I open the door and just push by them I can't believe it I just walk by 5sos someone grabs my wrist I hear Ashton say

Ashton- hey Luke she looks like you

I say "owe" he lets go

Luke- r u ok

Brit- yeah I'm fine I um have to good you see that Michael is looking at my wrists I turn around and run out of the school and go to the park were I can sit and relax

Luke's POV

Ashton- dude she really looked like you

Michael- yeah I think she cuts her wrists because they were all wrapped up

Luke- I hope she's ok

Calum- me to she was hot

Ashton- I know right

Luke - so u think I'm hot

Michael- yep

Luke- ewwwww

Michael- I was joking idiot

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