Talent show

Brit Hemmings is a foster child looks,sings,and acts like Luke hummings what will happen when Brit try's sings up for a talent show and 5sos is there?? Oh ya and my best friend is Lilly Hohulian he's 2 years older than me she's like my mother


2. adopted news

Brits POV

I'm apparently getting adopted by these people named Liz and Andrew that's all I was told oh and "their my real parents" will this will be fun but I don't get adopted for any other 3 months exciting well till then i guess I will be board to my fucking death

Luke's POV

Liz- Luke!!!!!

Luke - yes

Liz- I have to tell you some exciting news

Luke- your not pregnant right

Liz- no but we're adopting a your real sister in 3 months

Luke - really

Liz- us and she goes to the high school here

Luke - cool maybe she will be in the talent show

Liz- maybe so can you and the boys start cleaning out the guess room and oh yea she's a huge fan of 5sos

Luke - she'll be happy then

I'm getting to meet my real sister this is asweome I hope she'll like me I might even be her favorite in the band ew that would be weird what if she's hot oh god well Ashton we'll probably date her

Ashton POV

Luke just told us that his parents are adopting his real sister I'm excited I hope she likes us fuck that's she's a huge fan of 5sos I hope I'm her favorite if she's nice beautiful and smart I bet she is

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