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imagine for; inzayn

i really hope you like it c:


The park was almost isolated, leaving Kayleigh shyly staring up at Zayn once in awhile. He hadn't noticed, or at least she thought. He was beautiful, and she didn't quite understand why he wanted to walk with her. With a gulp, she stuffed her hands into her jean pockets, wishing so badly that she would've brought her gloves. Everything was freezing, everything was snowy, but somehow, Zayn made it feel so right.


"Cold?" He asked to her surprise.


Kayleigh nodded, looking away embarrassed.


"Here," While extending his arm out, he gently took one of her hands from her jean pockets and interlaced his fingers with hers. "There." He grinned. Zayn's thumb rubbed slow circles into her hand, causing Kayleigh to shudder.


"Thanks." She muttered, her cheeks reddening.


"You're blushing." He stated, chuckling in amusement.


"Am not," Kayleigh gasped, a small smile creeping its way onto her face.


"You so are."


As Zayn looked elsewhere, Kayleigh hurried to grab a handful of snow from the ground. Chucking it towards him, she erupted with laughter. "Am not!"


"You better start running!" He hollered, a widening smile replacing his small one. 



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